For the past year, schools throughout New Hampshire and the world have been forcing children to wear masks and observe other unscientific precautions against COVID. Specifically, politicians, bureaucrats, and other self-proclaimed government officials have been abusing the children in our communities. Before even going further, please be reminded that children have a ridiculously low chance of contracting, getting sick, transmitting, or dying of COVID, even if you do believe the insanely inflated statistics published by the politicians and their cronies. 

Over the past few days, I have heard numerous reports of child abuse occuring in my state’s public schools, and the justification used by the abusers involved corona-fascism for all of the cases. Below are a few reports that I have heard:

1) “I just read today that some of the local schools aren’t allowing air conditioning or fans in the schools because of covid. A school literally kept the lights off and sprayed kids with water bottles to keep them cool today. And lots of schools today were half days because of the heat because they can’t turn on the AC and the kids have to wear masks so it’s not safe with the heat.”

My commentary: Wow. This child abuse is particularly insane because the politicians and government teachers are reportedly limiting the use of fans and air conditioners because now airflow is a bad thing (I thought that airflow was good for preventing virus transmission just a few weeks ago, but I am not a devout member of the Faucism faith). Also, giving kids heat exhaustion and potentially heat stroke (which has a mortality rate of 80%) is not good. 

I can no longer in good conscience beat around the bush or play nice. Let me be clear: Medically speaking, the politicians, their teachers, and their enforcers are abusing your children and may kill them. This is classic child abuse. Once you know this, you must remove your children from these abusive environments immediately if you do not want to be an accomplice in child abuse. Forcing children to wear a mask for a virus that poses negligible risk to them (especially once they have been vaccinated and tested negative) is child abuse. Focing children to sit in a 80-90 degree classroom all day is child abuse. Forcing masked children to sit in extremely hot classrooms all day is beyond child abuse; it’s torture. 

From a medical standpoint, this sounds like a great way to develop heat stroke (body temperature so hot that the brain begins to get damaged).

2) As your State Representative, I am trying to gather further information regarding the events that took place at the Exeter High School (EHS) Prom this past weekend.

I have had some constituents write to me angry about some things that went on at the event on Saturday evening. These complaints revolved around confidentially surrounding those who did and did not receive the COVID 19 vaccine, and the labeling that came along with that.

Here are some quotes,” ….was pretty fired up today after learning that kids who weren’t vaccinated had a number written on them in Sharpie at the EHS prom last night. If they were on the dance floor they had to raise their hands after every three songs so their numbers could be recorded by other underclass students for contact tracing purposes. There’s even more to the story, but this alone is surprising to us. We truly feel they are literally branding our kids if they don’t get this experimental “emergency” approved vaccine…”

“They also left the list of student names (first and last) with the info on whether they were vaccinated or not on a table outside after the prom. I found it the next morning. This information should 1. Not have been shared and 2. Should never be left where anyone can have access to it. I have a photo of the list.”

NH schools giving kids heat strokes

” … I find it absolutely unbelievable that…” and ” was allowed to treat the kids like prisoners in Nazi Germany. Marking them, thus singling them out, and then having to raise their hands is beyond tolerable. First the school could be looking at lawsuits for violation of HIPAA rights. They have no business asking for a vaccine card….last Thursday masks were no longer required outside and if this is in effect it should not have mattered if they were vaccinated or not.” Nowhere does … state that if you aren’t vaccinated you need to wear it. Instead we will brand you with the scarlet letter for all the kids to see. I hope, and I am sure you will bring this to the school board and higher if need be. This should NEVER have been allowed….”

If anyone has any further information, I would very much appreciate it. There has been much talk at the State level regarding vaccination status and confidentiality.” -Rep. Litchfield

My commentary: It should go without saying that this report is sickening and highly disturbing. However, it is not very surprising, considering what we’ve seen from corona-fascists over the past 18 months. They will separate, humiliate, and discriminate against anyone who does not toe their line. In this case, that means that those who do not trust the vaccine (that the vice president herself said she did not trust) will be treated as second-class citizens as long as we live among the radical leftists. Even if you had the virus and have 100% antibodies against future infection, you must still get the vaccine, wear the mask, and obey socialist distancing. Science be damned. 

The only solution to corona-fascism will be separating from the tyrants. They can gather in tyrannical states like New York, and those who believe in freedom (and science) could move to New Hampshire, Florida, or Wyoming.


Nicole · June 10, 2021 at 11:56 am

I really hope lawsuits have been filed and parents…teach your kids to say NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

Liz L · June 10, 2021 at 5:39 pm

Great article. I read about everything that you posted in this article it’s absolutely appalling what is going on in Live Free or Die State of New Hampshire

Terri O’Connor · June 10, 2021 at 8:02 pm

We need to start lawsuits all over NH.

TS Rohnevarg · June 15, 2021 at 7:19 pm

If you are yoked to a government school for the education of your children, you should be ashamed, and remove your children before you blink another eye. First of all, the government, under Chou Biden, increased child tax credits (cash payouts) for children under 12 to $3,600 per child per year. If you are unwilling, or unable, to educate your own children at home, together with the pending NH voucher program, you should certainly be able to find a private school to educate your children that will more accurately reflect your values. Most private schools also offer scholarships for those unable to pay full price. You should have no trouble reasonably locating an acceptable facility for $3,600. Leave NOW.

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