A local woman has published a book consisting of a few dozen of her written works over the past few years. Throughout the scamdemic, Cheryl Rounds has been spreading joy and hope with her smile, her memes, letters, and poems. For the first time, her work is available on Amazon and in person for readers in New Hampshire. The books will be offered in person for the first time at Liberty Forum, an annual pro-freedom conference held in Manchester on March 4th and 5th. Cheryl will be speaking to readers and signing copies of her new book. 

Cheryl Rounds was born in the 1950s and grew up in a time when life was centered around neighbors and community. She went on to college, earning a BS in Human Nutrition, married, and raised three children. She has always been a believer in natural health and has been an active member of Health Freedom New Hampshire for quite some time.

This book is a chronicle of life during the first year of Covid-19, as seen through the eyes of one American woman. It is a window into her life and thoughts, as expressed through her writings, memes, and poetry. Her initial writings were not written with the anticipation of a future book. As the year progressed, she felt it urgent to document the world as she saw it for future generations. She spent the twelfth month of the Covid-19 scamdemic, writing poetry that reflects back on the year. In all this book contains seventeen poems and a multitude of additional writings.

Cheryl’s first book, “Smiling into the Light” is a collection of 120 unique memes/graphics that she created during the propagandemic to encourage smiles over masks. They were posted daily on Facebook for almost 2 years. They helped lift the spirits of many people and gave them the courage to face the world with a smile. She is one of the dozens of liberty authors that call New Hampshire home. 

Reflections of a Year of COVID-19 is the 2nd book self-published by an author in tandem with Liberty Block Publishing. In October 2022, Alu helped Daniel Rothschild publish ‘The Economics of Bureaucracy: An Academic View On Why Government Sucks’. Alu encourages aspiring liberty authors to reach out to him at alu@LibertyBlock.com.

Cheryl and Alu participated in the author panel at Liberty Forum 2023
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