In a perfectly partisan vote, the New Hampshire Senate voted 14-10 to table SB741, the ‘Born Alive Protection Act’. Sponsored by nine Senate Republicans and three Representatives, the bill’s aim was to ensure that babies would be protected after they draw their first breath. The bill simply clarifies that regardless of the circumstances and regardless of the mother’s wishes (or those of any others), once a baby exits the uterus, draws its first breath, and has a sustained heartbeat, it should be considered negligent for healthcare providers to kill it or refuse to provide medical care. It would seem clear to some people that this bill was proposed in order to bait pro-abortion progressives into arguing in favor of the right to kill recently born babies, or at least neglect them and let them die.

Would the Democrats take the bait?

They sure would. And they sure did.

At the public hearing held by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Planned Parenthood’s lobbyist strongly condemned this bill, calling it anti-abortion and claiming that once a baby is born, no doctor would ever kill it, and it’s insulting to imply that they would.

Firstly, the likelihood of a violent crime (murder, in this case) should not determine whether to consider it a crime. Even if doctors rarely murder babies or let them die by being negligent, shouldn’t it still be a crime?

Secondly, we have video evidence of at least one progressive Democratic doctor endorsing the murder/neglect of a baby after it is already born. He also happens to be a leftist Governor. “The legislature, most of whom are men….”, said Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam at a press conference, “…should not be interfering with women’s access to reproductive Healthcare. ” Northam was referring to a law that would allow babies to be killed even after they were born.

New Hampshire’s Democrats may be more radical than Virginia’s when it comes to hating babies, though. New Hampshire is one of only 8 states that have zero restrictions on abortion. Women in New Hampshire can legally end the life of a baby up until the moment it exits their vaginal canal. And many progressive Democrats in New Hampshire exercise that ‘right’ on a regular basis. It is commonplace for Democrats to be endorsed by abortion providers such as ‘Planned Parenthood’, especially in the Granite State. Democrats in New Hampshire have gone so far as to support non-free-speech-zones surrounding abortion clinics, just in case those crazy religious zealots try to convince women, about to commit an irreversible act, to think twice about ending their baby’s life.

The progressive movement is increasingly proud and passionate about abortion. Over the past few decades, they have moved all the way from “abortion should be safe, legal, and rare”, and not something to be celebrated to a huge “Shout your abortion” campaign that every Democrat is expected to participate in. Progressives who have not had an opportunity to experience the joy of killing their own baby speak about how much they regret missing the opportunity to abort their offspring.

Along with its companion bill in the House, Republican Senators introduced the ‘Born Alive Protection Act’ to guarantee that once a baby is born – even in the course of a failed abortion attempt – they must be treated and allowed to live just like any other human patient. Democrats, who control the Senate and the House, have already killed SB741 and will kill HB1675, the House version of the ‘Born Alive Protection Act’ any day now.

“I brought forward the Born Alive Infant Act, SB 741, in order to ensure that a baby who takes its first breath receives all reasonable medical actions needed to preserve their life, regardless of the circumstances of their birth.”, said Senator Birdsell in an op-ed published by

Considering the fierce Democratic opposition to this common-sense, anti-murder bill, we must assume that Democrats would like to reserve the right to kill unwanted babies, even after they have been born. At least we can take solace in what the superstar Democratic Governor said in an interview about letting the babies die if they are delivered by doctors but unwanted by their mother: The infant would be kept comfortable – just like hospice patients when we allow them to die peacefully.

UPDATE: Both SB741 and HB1675 are dead.

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