Over the past few years, radical leftists throughout the US have launched a full-scale war against plastic, Styrofoam, oil, natural gas, coal, wood stoves, guns, ammunition, magazines, houses, cars, meat, milk, and nearly every other item, food, and activity that free people enjoy. In New Hampshire, Democratic politicians would love to catch up to NYC, who has already begun to implement their ban on plastic and styrofoam. The radical left has been using a ridiculous claim by a little boy that ‘reckless Americans dump millions of plastic straws into the ocean every day and destroy the oceans’. And the left now hates styrofoam because it is derived from oil and because they claim that it’s super-toxic and gets into our food. They also claim that some people litter their styrofoam boxes, so they should be banned. Of course, these ridiculous claims could not be further from the truth, but socialist tyrants never let the truth, facts, or logic get in the way of their agenda. Make no mistake – their agenda is to implement Chinese or maybe even North Korean communism in the US.

Say goodbye to beer pong! And Chinese takeout!

House Bill 1564 bans the use of styrofoam in New Hampshire. Like the brilliant incrementalists and politicians they are, the sponsors of the bill (4 Democratic Representatives) only make it a crime for food service businesses to distribute styrofoam with this bill. Their plan surely involves expanding the ban to include all citizens and for all uses once this bill passes into law. They also understand that the would need this Democratic bill to gain the support of the Republican governor, so it cannot be as radical as they wish it could be.

This bill passed the House but did not pass into law. Every Democrat besides for 4 voted for the bill. Only one Republican voted for the bill.

House Bill 1194 seems to create a $0.05 fee for each plastic cup and bag sold in the state. The three Democrats who sponsored the bill understand that people use so much plastic that an outright ban could not possibly pass in 2020, especially not with a Republican governor who loves to veto Demcoratic bills. So, the smart incrementalist politicians propose a modest 5 cent fee per plastic cup and bag with their bill. While 5 cents does seem negligible, a bit of arithmetic (or just looking at their receipt) would make consumers realize that the package of 100 plastic cups set them back an extra $5, and the plastic bags that their groceries are placed into by the cashier cost them another $1. An extra $5-10 at the grocery store won’t kill me, but it will hurt the poorest citizens in New Hampshire. Didn’t Democrats claim to care about the poor?

This bill did not pass into law.

House Bill 1472 prohibits employees of any food service businesses from offering plastic straws to customers. This is the first step towards the communists’ goal of banning plastic straws outright.

This bill passed the House. All but 5 Democrats voted in favor of this bill. It did not pass into law.

Plastic and styrofoam are used a ton because they work. They are cheap, light, and do the job that we want them to do. Plastic is waterproof which prevents spilling of fluids and styrofoam keeps our takeout warm. Other than cardboard (which Democrats hate even more) no material can fulfill these requirements. Progressives seem to want a world with no materials with which to carry items. Coincidentally, they want to make all private property illegal and freedom obsolete, so that only politicians could ever own anything or enjoy hot food and fresh groceries.

One thing is for sure: Your children will not get to experience house parties with solo cups, beer pong, or late-night takeout.

Update: In 2021, Democrats proposed HB618, which bans the sale or distribution of polystyrene foam in food service businesses.