Among the billions of websites on Earth, only a tiny fraction of popular sites are among the top 10,000 in the world. Each site competes for the limited attention of each internet user. According to Amazon’s subsidiary, Alexa, Google is the top site in the world, as of today’s rankings. YouTube, also owned by Google, is in 2nd place. Tmall, a Chinese business-to-consumer site is the third most visited site on Earth. In 4th place is Baidu, a Chinese search engine. Facebook is the 5th most visited site in the world, according to Alexa. Twitter is #49. Here in New Hampshire, the largest site is WMUR (ABC news regional affiliate) and it is the 31,604th most visited site in the world. 

Over the past few years, Facebook has developed a near-complete monopoly on social media, while Twitter gained a large portion of online discourse, especially in the political arena. Recently, many users of the platforms have experienced firsthand the strong leftist and anti-freedom biases held by those who run Twitter and Facebook. The two social media giants have censored, punished, restricted, and removed many users, pages, and groups for the transgression of having the wrong political ideology, which in this case involves being conservative. Over the past few days, however, Facebook and Twitter took their anti-conservative, pro-Democrat bias to a new level. 

When the NY Post published an article on Wednesday proving that Joe Biden and his son were clearly involved in corruption involving Ukrainian officials and a large Ukrainian company, Twitter immediately removed the link from appearing on their platform, and Facebook followed their lead. As The Liberty Block has mentioned in the past, the social media giants, who are run by openly leftist authoritarians, have gone all-in for the Biden campaign. Anything that could hurt Biden must be suppressed. The latest attack on fairness and free speech sent many more non-leftists away from Facebook and Twitter. These social media users landed on sites like Parler, a platform that prides itself on its support for free speech. As of today, Parler is ranked by Alexa as the #970 site in the US and top 5,000 in the world. Just 90 days ago, Parker was ranked as the 11,000th most visited site in the world. If the new platform continues to grow, it could soon rival Twitter, and eventually Facebook. 

On August 12th, former Democratic Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard joined the video hosting platform, Rumble. By the 13th, she had 20,000 subscribers and her one short video had garnered over 75,000 views. Rumble is now ranked as the 330th most visited site in the united states and it continues to grow.

On the new platform, President Trump already has 1.4 million followers. Dan Bongino has 1.3 million followers. Breitbart has 853,000 followers. As millions of additional disaffected conservatives and libertarians leave Facebook and Twitter, Parler could really begin to hurt the social media goliaths – and the Democrat machine that is in bed with them. 

In another article, The Liberty Block explains how sites like Facebook and Twitter have enjoyed the benefits of being legally considered ‘platforms’ while acting like ‘publishers’ for years. If the Trump campaign rescinds those protections, the media giants may be crushed overnight due to liability suddenly applying to them. 

In addition to Parler, many other social media sites are now competing with the two major ones. Among them are Rumble, Flote, Minds, MeWe, Flote, LBRY, Codias, and many others. The anti-freedom social media sites may not be on top much longer, and we can thank free market competition for that. 

UPDATE: Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota announced that she is moving to MeWe:

UPDATE: MeWe is now ranked #450 in the US.

UPDATE: Gab is now ranked #378 in the US.

UPDATE: Parler is now ranked #199 in the US.

UPDATE: Twitter is ranked #27 in the US.

UPDATE: Parler has been removed from the Apple and Google app stores and AWS removed the site from the internet by shutting down its servers.

UPDATE: Rumble (The competition for YouTube) is ranked #326 in the US.