On September 12th, The New York Post reported that New York City officials will allow students to skip school on Friday for the ‘global warming’ rally in Manhattan. Both Mayor DeBlasio and the NYC Dept. of Education have publicly supported the political rally which they are encouraging students to attend.

After denying for decades that government-operated schools were involved in brainwashing children with propaganda that made them worship the government, it seems that NYC politicians are finally steering into the skid.

It’s one thing to go on a field and learn, but to organize students in grade school, to protest for a political purpose, is way too far. This is a reminder of how the Nazi party would use children to achieve a political goal.

The totalitarian left has turned public schools into progressive, eco-fascist, anti-freedom indoctrination camps, and we are seeing the results. The issue of climate change has become a religion to the left. What does that mean? Every decision that is made, whether it be in business, government, church, family, entertainment or otherwise is based solely on the fear that the world is going to end soon, and we have a moral obligation to do everything in our power to save the planet.

It is not the responsibility of the schools to rally students behind a political cause. Unfortunately, sending students to a museum to see a copy of the Constitution would be considered a “political cause” today. Global warming has yet to be proven, but it has become a top priority of the totalitarian left. Rather than rallying students to fight an issue that does not even exist, schools should be introducing students to America’s founding documents and allowing them to come to their own conclusions.

Climate does change, but there is no proof that man is causing it, and the data shows that seas are rising slower than before – not faster as the left would have you believe. The fact that schools are using students to engage in this activity is yet another example of the communist, eco-fascist agenda within the public schools.

Should we also ask if the parents of these students were asked permission in the first place?

Should it matter than students would skip school whenever possible, regardless of the excuse?

Countless parents have gone before the House Education Committee and its members, informing them of the various “tests” and surveys that were given to their children without the permission of the parent. These public schools are turning children into social justice warriors. Just remember what the Nazis did with the youth.