On Friday, April 23rd, vice president, Kamala Harris visited New Hampshire. She made the visit to promote the 4 trillion dollar ‘infrastructure bill in person. She flew into New Hampshire for a day trip and visited Plymouth and Concord. In the capital city, Harris visited the IBEW, a union that would presumably benefit from ‘more jobs’ if the massive infrastructure bill were to pass. 

A group of around 30 libertarians and conservatives waited for the motorcade outside of IBEW in Concord, with signs that demonstrated their disappointment in Harris and their opposition to the increased taxation and spending on the massive bill. 

image by Bao Chau Kelley
image by Bao Chau Kelley

While watching the tremendous motorcade and the large amount of local, state, and federal law enforcement officials ‘securing’ the area, a few thoughts came into my mind:

1) You are paying for all of the Suburbans, ambulances, and police overtime.

2) I am sure that Kamala only used electric vehicles and didn’t needlessly use 100 gas-guzzling SUVs to drive her to a meeting with union bosses instead of just doing a remote meeting with them.

3) She can fly from DC to NH to meet union bosses in person, but we can’t see our grandparents in person. Makes sense!