Forget convicting Officer Derek Chauvin, the man who willfully murdered an unarmed and restrained man. He may not even be charged with a crime at all. The government prosecutor, Mike Freeman told reporters Thursday evening when asked about charging Chauvin with a crime: “My job in the end is to prove [Chauvin] violated a criminal statute, and there is other evidence that does not support a criminal charge”, as reported by The Sun UK

It seems to me that any rational person would consider the video to depict homicide. The only question may involve which type of homicide to charge the murderous animal with. Of course, a prosecutor can charge suspects with as many crimes as they wish. It is worth noting that it’s common practice for government prosecutors to protect their coworkers (cops) by overcharging them, ensuring that they are found not guilty. Often, DA’s accomplish this by charging cops with murder, which statutorily requires an extremely high level of evidence, including proving premeditated intent. In most cases, this is impossible to prove, because cops who kill people rarely ever plan it days or weeks in advance. Convincing all 12 members of a jury that a police officer planned to murder a person is essentially impossible. Why don’t DA’s charge cops with murder, mansalughter, and assault – which is how they treat civilian cases? Because they want the cop to only have one charge and to be found not guilty of that charge. 

Speaking of ‘premeditated murder’, we must point out that Chauvin and Floyd may have known each other. If they did, the probability of this being premeditated murder increase dramatically. According to ABC affiliate, KSTP, the two middle-aged men worked security for the same club up until last summer.

The most recent and high profile scenario in which DA’s utilized this ‘brilliant tactic (one which they are sure we idiots could never comprehend) was the case in which Officer Brailsford killed the innocent, unarmed, tipsy Daniel Shaver in cold blood. Even the most pro-police conservatives condemned Brailsford, but the DA helped him by charging him only with murder, and the judge helped him by ensuring that the jury found him not guilty of murder.

Armed thugs with badges in Minnesota have been involved in a few other disturbing police brutality cases within the past few years. 

In 2017, Worthington police officer, Joe Joswiak and his partner, Sgt. Tim Gaul pulled over an innocent man at gunpoint, threatened to murder him, pulled him out of the car, and viciously beat him to a pulp. His crime? An off duty cop felt like he was cut off by Anthony Promvongsa , so he called his buddies who were at work and told them to rough up the driver. No due process needed! To our knowledge, those cops were never punished. Promvongsa had to sue the cops for assault in civil court, because the government prosecutor would not charge them with any crime. The video of the incident is one of the most insane, violent, and horrific videos you will see. Sadly, it is not the worst behavior I’ve seen from American cops. 

In 2016, Officer Yanez shot and killed Philando Castille during a traffic stop. Once the officer asked for his license, Castille mentioned that he has a firearm and a permit for it. The cop then told him to produce his ID. When he moved his hand, the cop became nervous and shot him twice, ultimately killing him. Not only was Yanez not convicted of any crime, he was awarded a large sum of money from his police department and was given a nice farewell from his job. No punishment, as expected. 

Derek Chauvin, who has had 18 complaints filed against him, has been involved in at least three shootings, which is a lot for a police officer. On Wednesday night, The Daily Beast reported that Chauvin hired Tom Kelly, the same lawyer who miraculously got Jeronimo Yanez acquitted of manslaughter after killing Philando Castille in 2017. 

I fully expected this case to play out extremely similarly to the Shaver case in Arizona in 2017. It still might, but the taxpayer-funded prosecutor has so far declined to file ANY charges against his fellow government agent. Time will tell how the citizens respond to this developing case.

UPDATE: Derek Chauvin has been taken into police custody and charged with murder and manslaughter by the country attorney