The Chairman of the New Hampshire Democrat Party has published an open letter ridiculing RFK Jr. for speaking at the Porcupine Freedom Festival (Porcfest). Buckley condemned the Democrat presidential candidate and rebuked him for associating with libertarians, referring to them as extremists for supporting school choice and gun rights. 

RFK Jr. is scheduled to speak at the main stage during Porcfest, and the event is expected to be standing room only. Throughout corona-fascism, Kennedy was perhaps the loudest opponent of medical tyranny. He was also the only prominent Democrat to question the elites. Along with his opposition to censorship and foreign intervention, Kennedy found himself aligning with libertarians on some critical issues. Considering the current state of the Democrat presidential primaries in New Hampshire (the Democrat Party recently voted to remove the first primary from New Hampshire as punishment for the state not being black enough, though the NH Dems refuse to move the primary date, making this an extremely interesting and complex issue in itself). The Democrat Party is likely to stifle any serious primary challenge to Biden. 

Throughout the letter, Buckley makes reference to the substantial influence that the Free State Project has within New Hampshire. The FSP is a broad, general migration of pro-liberty individuals to New Hampshire to escape tyranny and enjoy greater personal freedom. Buckley makes some accurate statements, including the libertarian success in steering the NH Republican Party toward liberty. Free Staters and libertarian natives have been instrumental to the Republican support for independence, tax cuts, gun rights expansion, and low government spending. It is true that over 40 known free staters have been elected to the New Hampshire House, and a free stater was elected to the state senate in 2022. 

Ray Buckley, who fell in love with the New Hampshire Democrat Party at only 8 years old has made that passion into his entire life, spending every moment since he was a child until this day supporting Marxism in the live free or die state. He has been the vice-chair of the DNC and has had leadership positions at every level of the Democrat Party. He has made it clear that no Democrat throughout the union may associate with those with differing views. 

RFK Jr. responded on Twitter to Buckley’s letter by condemning cancel culture and extolling the virtues of free speech and open debate:

“The Democratic Party Bosses who promote censorship, who have stripped New Hampshire of its rightful First in the Nation primary status, who have shut down debate, who refuse to campaign in New Hampshire, are in no position to tell me who to talk to. I’m going to speak at Porcfest because I believe in freedom, unity, healing the divide, and truth.#LiveFreeorDie. Join our campaign at…This trend of “canceling” anyone who appears at the wrong event or speaks with the wrong person is antithetical to the democratic ideal of debate and the free exchange of ideas. Join our campaign at…Just say No to cancel culture. @Porcfest is on! #LiveFreeorDie

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