Multiple bills proposed by libertarian Republicans in the New Hampshire House would chip away at the massive amount of regulation that politicians have imposed on businesses. With Republican control in Concord, these bills should be slam dunks in 2021, especially in a state starving for deregulation so that business could be allowed to get back to normal. Before the government-created recession, New Hampshire’s economy was doing phenomenally well. Every worker and business owner in New Hampshire is sick of the new normal and wants to get back to work. These bills would help.

In a free world, people would be free to conduct business with others as long as both parties consented to the transaction. If a particular customer did not trust a particular business, they could choose to shop elsewhere. This system works better than any other, and it’s the only system without violations of property (communism, theft, fascism, dictatorship, etc.)

Sadly, politicians have chipped away at our economic and personal freedoms for decades, and we now find it nearly impossible to work in any type of industry without first getting ‘permission’ from our lords.

Proposed by three Republicans, House Bill 575 would decrease the government-imposed regulatory burden on applicants for cosmetology, esthetics, and manicuring licenses. 

As is the case in many states, individuals who work in the aforementioned industries are forced by men with guns (government officials) to ask for permission and pay an extortion fee before being allowed to earn a living in those industries. In fact, only a small amount of industries remain available to those who do not obtain these extortionist permits, often referred to by tyrants as ‘occupational licenses’. In the old days, the mafia would refer to extortionist permits as ‘security fees’. The mafia would protect businesses that paid the fees, but would destroy those who refused to acquiesce to the extortion. Today, the mafia known as ‘government’ does the same exact thing. 

Currently, this is the ‘law’ that makes it a crime for cosmetologists to work in their industry without obeying the extortion demands of politicians: 

    313-A:11 Qualifications; Cosmetologists. –

“I. In order to be issued a cosmetologist’s license by the board, a person shall:

(a) Be of good professional character;

(b) Have completed high school or its equivalent;

(c) Have received training of:

(1) A minimum of 1,500 hours of training in a school of cosmetology approved by the board; or

(2) A minimum of 3,000 hours distributed over a period of at least 18 months under a licensed cosmetologist who has engaged in the practice of cosmetology within the state for at least 2 years;

(d) Pass an examination conducted by the board; and

(e) Pay a fee established by the board.”

House Bill 575 would allow individuals to work as cosmetologists if they “Have received training which shall not exceed 1,500 hours under a licensed cosmetologist or at a licensed cosmetology school through an apprenticeship approved by the board, the department of education, or the federal Department of Labor, or as otherwise permitted under state or federal law.”

While this bill continues to grant politicians and their regulators and enforcement agents ultimate discretion in determining who could ‘legally’ work, it’s a substantial decrease in the level of tyranny present in current occupational licensure law.

House Bill 575 has passed the House and is now in the Senate.


Proposed by Republican Josh Yokela, House Bill 208 simply repeals RSA 323, which is the current New Hampshire ‘law’, which makes it a crime for a person to sell lightning rods without first subjecting themselves to the demands of extortionists (AKA politicians). Current New Hampshire law says that: 

“323:1 Dealer’s License. – No person, firm or corporation shall sell, offer for sale, or install material used for the protection of buildings from damage by lightning until authorized to do so by a license obtained from the commissioner of safety under the provisions of this chapter.

323:2 Prerequisites. –

I. No such license shall be issued until the commissioner of safety has approved of the material used or offered for sale by said dealer for the purpose of protecting from lightning, and the manner and system of installing such material. Such approval shall not be given until all of the following have occurred:

(a) The dealer has filed a bond with the commissioner of safety in the sum of $5,000 to guarantee that all materials so used have the approval of a testing laboratory recognized by the state of New Hampshire;

(b) The commissioner of safety is satisfied that the dealer has complied with the bonding and approval requirements and is responsible and reliable as to assets, business standing and practices and is entitled to confidence; and

(c) The dealer has filed a written stipulation that legal process affecting such dealer or his or her agent served upon the commissioner of safety for the time being shall have the same effect as if personally served upon such applicant or his or her agent within this state.

II. Installation shall be in accordance with the state fire code. In the event that the installation does not meet the standards established in the state fire code, within 90 days from the completion of the installation, then the dealer shall reimburse the owner for the cost of the installation, including labor and materials.”

Yokela’s excellent anti-communist bill is short and sweet. This is the entire bill: 

“1  Repeal.  RSA 323, relative to lightning rod dealers and salesmen, is repealed.”

House Bill 208 has passed into law.

Proposed by six Republicans, House Bill 250 is a little more complex. The legislation amends RSA 437, which is the massive New Hampshire law which makes it a crime for people to sell animals if they sell more than a certain number per year, unless they pay the extortion fee and obtain a ‘license’ to be a pet vendor. The bill primarily increases the threshold for the number of animals a person could sell per year without being legally considered a ‘pet vendor’. This allows more people to conduct business without being extorted or punished for refusing to be extorted by the modern-day mafia based in Concord:

“IV.  “Pet vendor” means any person, firm, corporation, or other entity that transfers [25] 35 or more dogs, [25] 50 or more cats, 30 or more ferrets, or 50 or more birds, live animals or birds customarily used as household pets to the public, with or without a fee or donation required, and whether or not a physical facility is owned by the licensee in New Hampshire…”

House Bill 250 has passed the House and is now in the Senate.

House Bill 245 would repeal the crime of operating a small convenience store the way that you desire. Current law states that “grocery or convenience store means any retail establishment where groceries are regularly and customarily sold for consumption off premises. Such establishment shall have and maintain groceries which are readily available to the public, the wholesale value of which shall not be less than $3,000, exclusive of cigarettes, magazines, newspapers, wine and beverages. Such groceries shall be representative of grocery items commonly found in such stores.” This Republican bill would eliminate that requirement, thereby allowing small convenience stores to sell beer without stocking the shelves with $3,000 of other low-demand products just to obey the ridiculous laws made by politicians. 

HB245 is currently in the Commerce Committee.

House Bill 606 simply clarifies that engaging in barbering, cosmetology, esthetics without a state license is not a crime unless the person is being paid for it.

House Bill 606 has passed the house and is now in the Senate Executive Departments Committee. A hearing will be held on Wednesday morning of 5/5.