In a major pivot, Alu Axelman has decided to write a book that could be consumed easily in one sitting by the average reader. In only around 15 minutes, a person of average intelligence can understand why the US Constitution is fatally flawed. Many pro-liberty individuals believe that if we could just get the federal government to ‘obey the Constitution’, (which is universally recognized as the least likely goal imaginable) life would be perfect and no violations of liberty would ever occur again. In his 8th book, Alu destroys this ‘constitutionalist’ dream. 

The description of the book explains: We all learned as children that the founders of our great country threw off the British tyrants in 1776. The revolutionaries then wrote our wonderful Constitution in order to ensure that our liberties would remain free from an oppressive government forever. But how would you feel if the Constitution was designed to give the government massive powers and what if it neglected to protect individual liberties?

Within one day of being released, the book became a #1 new release in its category on Amazon, and it currently sits at #3 for all books in its category. Assuming the book continues to be well-received, Alu is likely to continue publishing short books. 

The book is called How Amazing Is The US Constitution?’, and it is available on Amazon and as a Kindle e-book. Personalized signed copies could also be purchased directly from Alu. The philosophy expressed in the book was heavily inspired by Lysander Spooner. The practicality was totally inspired by Ian Underwood, the creator of ‘Bare Minimum Books’

The cover features a few familiar founding fathers and a few lesser-known patriots from the revolutionary era. Alu manually replaced Alexander Hamilton with Lysander Spooner and John Adams with Benjamin Franklin. George Washington remains in the top center, with James Madison to the right of him (by his left shoulder) and Thomas Jefferson in the bottom left corner of the cover, below Franklin. The five men on the bottom from left to right are George Mason, Richard Henry Lee, Noah Webster, Patrick Henry, and Daniel Webster. 

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