Over the past few years, environmental fascist (enviro-fascist) policies have grown into one of the most prominent issues that the radical left campaigns on. These policies include cutting carbon dioxide emissions, using government to promote solar, wind, and other forms of ‘clean’ energy, eliminating the use of plastic, and other policies that are supposed to combat global warming and the imminent drowning of all humans on Earth. In addition to global warming often being referred to as ‘the greatest hoax ever’, the firing squad aimed at plastic bags and straws is equally misguided, and likely as sinister as the global warming hoax. Don’t take our word for it, though. Look into the statistics provided by the most leftist and enviro-fascist groups in the world regarding plastic waste.

Democrats vs. plastic

Over the past few years, hundreds of cities in the US have banned plastic bags. This seemingly means that it is now a crime to distribute and/or possess a plastic bag in those cities. Other municipalities have begun to require a fee or tax on every single plastic bag. Many cities have also begun to ban plastic straws, beginning by making it a crime for restaurants to offer a plastic straw to a customer. Democratic New Hampshire lawmakers recently proposed a bill to criminalize offering a plastic straw to a customer and they proposed another Democratic bill which would make it a crime for stores to offer plastic or paper bags to customers. The argument used by enviro-fascist socialists in favor of banning plastic generally involves the theory that the majority of plastic is used once, throw on the street, and makes its way into our oceans, causing terrible harm to marine life.

Just how much plastic is mismanaged, though? And is plastic management improving around the world or is the problem getting worse? Is the US the greatest polluter?

The data

According to OurWorldInData.org, the percentage of global plastic waste being recycled or incinerated is increasing dramatically each year, and the amount discarded is decreasing each year. In 1980, zero plastic was recycled or incinerated. In the year 2000, 9% of the Earth’s plastic waste was recycled, 15% was incinerated, and 76% was disposed of. In 2015, 19.5% of the plastic waste in the world was recycled, 25.5% was incinerated, and 55% was discarded. The chart below, found on the website, shows this incredibly environmentally friendly trend throughout the world.

So, why is the Democratic Party attacking plastic in 2019 more than ever before?

The site also shows statistics on which countries mismanage their plastic waste the most. As the chart below demonstrates, China mismanages 74% of their plastic waste, and 4 other nations mismanage at least 50% of their plastic waste. The United States of America mismanages an estimated 0% of their plastic waste. Once littering is included, the US accounts for less than 1% of the Earth’s mismanaged plastic waste, according to the study. Littering is already a crime, so more laws would theoretically do little to decrease littering, anyway.

According to another source, the entire United States and Europe combine to account for only 2% of the oceans’ plastic waste. Asia accounts for 82% of the oceans’ plastic waste, though. Shouldn’t enviro-fascist politicians be condemning Asia?

Many more sources back up this data, and Liberty Block editor and host Michael Sennello lays out these arguments very concisely using multiple left-wing environmental sources in the below video:

Is plastic ‘single-use’?

The legislation that leftists propose in their mission to ban plastic bags, straws, and other utensils generally refers to plastic as ‘single-use’. The New Hampshire bill stated that it was ‘an act relative to single-use carryout bags’. It seems that after using them to carry groceries home from the store, nearly every American reuses their plastic bags at least once more. These uses include home-garbage bags, carrying things when going out or travelling, picking up after your dog, and many other uses. I regularly use many plastic bags for a variety of jobs around the house and at work. Additionally, a large and increasing percentage of the plastic used throughout the world is being recycled, according to the data provided above. Recycled products are the exact antithesis of ‘single-use’. Democrats are disingenuous when they refer to these bags as ‘single-use’.

Plastic vs. paper

Just a few short years ago, enviro-fascists were complaining about the amount of paper being used. They were distraught about the amount of trees being cut down in order to provide paper for all of the bags and other paper products used by those evil, materialistic Americans. Of course, logging trees is environmentally beneficial and allows trees to grow back in a healthy cycle, often quite quickly. The alternative is to allow trees to grow unrestricted, causing all sorts of environmental issues, including the massive amounts of forest fires plaguing California and the northwest of the US over the past few years.

Should we listen to politicians?

Arrogant politicians were wrong then and they’re wrong now. Additionally, the most environmentally fascist politicians seem to fly on airplanes – which emit infinitely more pollution than cars – more than anyone else. According to YouTube, Wikipedia is the authority on global warming science. Read Wikipedia’s entire page on the ‘environmental impact of aviation’. I’ll give you a hint: It’s pretty significant. If you believe in man-made global warming, you should support the total prohibition of airplanes. If global warming alarmist politicians using airplanes as their primary travel method isn’t hypocrisy, what is? Why would we take resource management advice from evil, controlling, corrupt people who mismanage money so badly that they’ve accumulated a 34 trillion dollar debt?

Today, Democrats have formed a frenzied mob calling for increasing usage of paper in order to decrease the usage of plastic products among Americans. As Bankrate.com writes, paper requires triple the amount of energy to produce and paper takes up much more space in landfills, though. This makes it seem like plastic bags are much more environmentally friendly than paper bags.

The complicated scientific facts have hardly tempered leftists’ success in passing feel-good legislation, though. How could we forget that Obama used ‘global warming’ as justification for passing 4,000 new environmental laws? Remember, Republicans are ‘anti-science’ and ‘anti-environment’. The ones who hypocritically fly their mega-polluting airplanes in the face of science every day in order to arrive at the communist utopia are the good guys. If you disagree, you’re clearly a right-wing bigot!

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