Finally, a bill we can support!

Ten Republican Representatives have proposed a bill which would go a long way in our effort to salvage the New Hampshire economy. As you might remember, New Hampshire had the best economy in the US by nearly every metric, until Dictator Sununu illegally shut down the economy and began punishing businesses for trying to survive. He based all of this on the constitutionally questionable ‘state of emergency’ law, which has never before been invoked in New Hampshire. Considering that this ‘emergency’ has been in effect for a year and has killed more businesses than people, it is beyond time to end it and to stop punishing entrepreneurs for trying not to starve to death. Over the past year, Dictator Sununu has declared 85 ‘executive orders, none of which had any input from legislators; our legislature is effectively non-existent, because the Dictator believes that he can rule by fiat forever. The orders demand that people wear masks, abstain from gathering, criminalize conducting business, mandate contact tracing, and much more. If you thought that legislation could only be passed by elected legislators, think again.

House Bill 63 ends the enforcement of fines and other punishments against business owners, and it directs the government to reimburse the fines already collected: 

“The state shall not enforce and shall reverse any prior violation of the governor’s emergency orders regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, the state shall:

I.  Void and refund if already paid any fines issued under emergency order #65, any other emergency order, or RSA 21-P:47, or pursuant to the terms of a settlement agreement related to the COVID-19 emergency orders”

The legislation would also reverse any state action that resulted in a business losing their license due to violating any corona-fascism related laws: 

“Restore any suspended or revoked license or permit where the action was related to a violation of the emergency orders”

Please make sure to thank the sponsors of this bill. It is not easy to stand up to a Dictator, especially when he is popular (as most dictators tend to be, for some reason) among the misinformed public. The bill will soon have a public hearing in the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, during which you will be able to testify by remote video meeting. You should email the Committee with your thoughts on the bill at: 

SPONSORS: Rep. Prout, Hills. 37; Rep. Warden, Hills. 15; Rep. T. Lekas, Hills. 37; Rep. Wallace, Rock. 12; Rep. Yokela, Rock. 33; Rep. Belanger, Rock. 9; Rep. Blasek, Hills. 21; Rep. Greene, Hills. 37; Rep. Johnson, Belk. 3; Rep. Testerman, Merr. 2


The House voted to pass HB63 by a roll call vote of 188 to 169. The bill will now be heard by the House Finance Committee, and then it will be voted on by the entire House again.