The first Statists of the Month for 2018 are the mayor of Elgin, Illinois, along with his fellow tyrants who carry out his commands – including the ‘buildings and residential codes’ committees and the police who enforce such codes.

The Tyrant mayor of Elgin, IL

On January 2nd, NBC Chicago reported that the city of Elgin had sent police to the home of Mr. Greg Schiller, armed with guns and a warrant to inform him that his home will be condemned by the city government if he continues to commit a crime.

Schiller’s crime?

He began to provide shelter for some local homeless people once the temperature fell into single digits last week. The police explained to the man that the government owns all of the land in the city and owns all people, and he cannot allow people to sleep in his basement. The thugs with guns reportedly cited ‘buildings codes’ violations relating to occupancy and fire hazards. We at The Liberty Block have long been speaking against ‘buildings codes’ that local governments use to bully people who want to maintain their homes and buildings how they see fit. The government believes that they know better than we do how to maintain a safe home. After all, politicians are the same geniuses who regularly waste billions of dollars a year and owe money to the federal government and often can’t even manage to hire plumbing companies for their towns…why wouldn’t we trust them? 

As a result of the laws created by the despicable, loathsome animals who run the city of Elgin, homeless people may die or suffer frostbite injuries the next time the temperature drops.

Why would the government stop people from helping each other?

As we’ve seen countless times before, the government can only sustain its support if the public believes that only government can organize well enough to help the needy. Once people realize that private citizens can voluntary help those in need, the government will lose public support and their massive welfare programs will fall apart and their power will shrink. 

As politicians, these evil tyrants have one goal: Stay in power

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