In addition to the annoying YouTube ads that billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer has been buying, the unpopular presidential candidate has also been purchasing targeted ads on Facebook. Recently, Steyer’s ads have been coming across the news feeds of New Hampshire Facebook users. The image in his current ad shows a picture of New Hampshire with text beneath it reading: “Is it time to solve gun violence?”, implying that the biggest issue facing New Hampshire voters is gun-related violent crime. The New York Democrat could not possibly be more misguided.

In reality, New Hampshire is consistently ranked as the safest or top-3 safest states in the US every year. Over the past 10 years on record, New Hampshire has an average of 18 total homicides each year. The number of those homicides that involved firearms is so minimal (average of 2.2 per year) that it would be ridiculous to compare firearm homicides to any of the 10 leading causes of death. Among the leading causes of death in New Hampshire are cancer and heart disease, each of which are responsible for over 100 times the amount of deaths that ‘total homicides’ are. Again, only a fraction of that tiny number even involve firearms.

Tom Steyer NH ad
Image from Facebook/Tom Steyer

New Hampshire citizens have ensured that no politicians ever imposed gun control on them. In fact, grassroots support helped pass a bill which eliminated the requirement for concealed carry permits in 2017, removing what was essentially the only firearms-related restriction in the state’s laws. Now, citizens in my great state enjoy owning and carrying any firearms they want in any way they want, wherever they want, without any restrictions and without needing any permits. Due to everyone being able to carry a firearm for self-protection, the few bad apples are extremely hesitant to attack innocent people. Those who do attack others are often successfully repelled by the armed citizen.

Steyer’s gun control policy proposals can be found on his website. His desired plan includes: “…universal background checks, ban large capacity magazines and assault weapons, enact red flag laws, close loopholes, create a new Office of Gun Safety and licensing requirements, and provide resources to communities to reduce gun violence.” His other highlighted policies involve acting on global warming, opening the borders, and providing even more free education and health insurance to everyone in the US than the government currently does. When asked why he’d declare an emergency to pass laws regarding global warming if elected, Steyer told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that “We are in a crisis on climate. It is threatening the health and safety of every American.”

The text above the ad mentions that hundreds of millions of dollars are expended each year by New Hampshire residents on something related to firearms. Steyer does not mention what the money is spent on or how he arrived at that figure. Is it the amount that we spend on guns and ammo? That would seem reasonable considering the expenditures of my friends and me. Is it the total price of law enforcement in New Hampshire? Is it the price of firearms-related litigation? That could certainly be the case, considering that anyone who even touches their firearm in a self-defense incident can expect to have their firearm confiscated – meaning that they must spend an enormous amount of money fighting in court to be cleared of charges and to have their firearm returned to them.

In New Hampshire, we love our freedom, we love our guns, and we love having the safest and most prosperous state in the US. We don’t care much for a billionaire who wants to buy the White House in order to take away our firearms, our money, and our freedom. Steyer would do well to stop wasting his money on annoying YouTube ads and disingenuous Facebook ads. Let’s politely invite the New York leftist to stop campaigning against liberty in New Hampshire and to return to enjoying his billions while he can.

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