The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #190

Ohio legislature overriding governor’s veto of transgender bill, which bans transitioning of minors; Trump’s victory in NH; how much is because of the left’s persecution of him? Will Trump’s almost certain nomination affect world affairs and wars even now? Kari Lake’s tiff with the GOP leader in Arizona; why isn’t Trump fighting the legal battle over election fraud in light of the new evidence re: hacking election machines? Is there any reason to believe that the 2024 election will be more secure than 2020? Texas standing up to Biden on the razor wire at the border

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #173

Daniel Jupp speaks about his new book on Bill Gates (Gates of Hell: Why Bill Gates Is the Most Dangerous Man in the World); Ed M. commented that at times “malice and stupidity merge”; the court ruling against Trump in NY; the Menendez indictment; the relaxing of the dress code in the Senate for Fetterman; what happened to the fighter plane in South Carolina? Biden marching with striking UAW; will the government shut down (and should there be a more realistic word for this? h/t Mike P.)