This week’s (Aug 2) show topics included:

The most recent Trump indictment; Per Daniel, our UK Correspondent, the British press is covering this issue like the liberal (anti-Trump) American press, rather than laughing at us as a banana-republic; where are the strong reactions from other republicans? would republicans react more strongly toward the Dems than they did toward Hillary if they were to win the white House? How much power does the media have in squashing the evidence against Hunter and the Big Guy? Should McCarthy fight harder to get the story across? Is the OK governor sending 50 guardsmen to Texas border a serious effort? Recent climate regulations banning plastic silverware, cracking down on refrigerants, banning water bottles in California airports, banning incandescent bulbs—even though the poor cannot afford LED’S; will the “rich” have to subsidize them? Are banks in any meaningful sense private or are they so regulated that they are government entities? The recent story that the US provoked Japan into attacking them in 1941 and how much influence Russian spies and agents had with FDR; how corrupt was the plea bargain deal for Hunter Biden?

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