After slowly working on the project for two years, I have finally published my book, The Blueprint For Liberty. As I often tell my listeners, I hate futility and I am “all about that action”, just like Marshawn. This book is not a Republican cheerleader, pity party, or any other idealistic exercise in futility. And it is certainly not meant to make me rich. The book explains where we are, what we can do about it beginning today if we want our children and grandchildren to live in a free republic, as well as what has consistently failed.

Spoiler: The solution is not “Winning back the Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024.” That plan is terrible. And I explain why in the book.

This book will likely make you aware of many things you never knew. It may possibly shock or offend you. I am sure that whoever you are, you will have some very strong disagreements with the author about policy. And that is the exact premise of the book; there is zero chance that all 330 million people in the united States could possibly get along so well that they could live under one set of laws. People call libertarians and secessionists insane, but I think believing that 330 million people could all be identical in every way is the real proof of insanity. I also think it’s insane to trust people like Biden, Harris, Trump, Obama, Bush, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, and the rest of the sociopathic politicians with infinite power. But that’s just me. 

Being that it is a very practical book with a primary mission of calling people to real action, I was eager to publish it as soon as possible. After being busy with many other ventures (work, boxing career, working overtime, managing the large and growing publication that has become, getting married, etc.) and slowly working on the book once every few weeks since around 2019, I realized that I was getting nowhere. The unimaginable levels of corona-fascism, false accusations of ‘insurrection’, and insane escalations of cancel-culture made me realize that if I don’t publish the book within a few weeks, I may never have the opportunity to do so.

As the cursed year of 2020 was coming to a close, I was finally making progress on the book. One day, I realized that I pretty much had a rough draft of the book. I refined it, added to it, and then repeated the process many more times. Before I knew it, the book covered most of what I wanted to say, and it was over 30,000 words. As I edited it and asked others for feedback, I began doing some research on a topic I know nothing whatsoever about: Publishing. It went something like this: 

“Hey, man….do you know anything about publishing a book?” “No, I don’t”. “Oh, alright. Thanks anyway.” 

And so went many conversations with friends. I barely had better luck with my online research. A few publishing companies did respond to my inquiries via email or phone, but they all wanted a decent amount of money upfront, and could not guarantee any success, obviously. 

As luck would have it, I was at a liberty meetup in New Hampshire (We have hundreds of them a year here. You should move here and see for yourself.) when I had a breakthrough. I was primarily there to repay a debt of two goldbacks to a friend, but I was happy to stay and see the amazing liberty activists who were in attendance. I turned around and saw Carla Gericke, who was selling her brand new book, “The Ecstatic Pessimist”. I had actually meant to pick up a copy, but never got a chance. As I handed her the money for the book, I asked her how she published it. She told me that Amazon publishes paperback books as well as Kindle E-books, and that there was no upfront cost. It was all pretty simple, she explained. 

I had considered the idea of using Amazon KDP, but I really wanted to avoid supporting a tremendous pro-leftist company. But the incredible convenience, cost, and efficiency of self-publishing with Amazon made me reconsider it. As I spoke to Carla about it, I figured that if it was good enough for one of the most effective liberty activists in the world, it was probably good enough for me. 

That night, I began working to get the book onto Amazon’s Kindle program, and I published the paperback version just days before news broke of Amazon wiping a conservative book off its platform because it questioned the left’s transgender agenda. I do not know when my book will be cancelled, but I already have a few real, physical books in my possession. Looks like I made it just in time!

The Blueprint For Liberty hit #1 in multiple categories on Amazon!

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