Authoritarian socialists may be evil, but they are not stupid. They understand very well how effective the oft-used tactic of ‘divide and conquer’ could be. Indeed, if Americans are fighting among themselves, they are less likely to fight the authoritarian politicians who control the nation. Left-wing authoritarians have used race to divide Americans. While it had some success, this tactic has two flaws: Americans from NYC to Wyoming are becoming more accepting and tolerant of people of all races and religions. (Yes, I have seen this with my own eyes) Secondly, race relations are largely irrelevant within homogeneous communities like the Bronx or those in northern Maine. The tactic simply does not affect enough people. Politicians have used social/financial status to divide Americans and turn them against one another. This also achieved a degree of success, especially among millenials. Hating Richie McWealthy is easy, but many, if not most people secretly (or openly) strive to become wealthy themselves. Many Americans do not engage in class warfare to the extent that the communist politicians long for. These tyrants are persistent and committed to discovering a divider that could affect every human being in the US. Finally, they’ve realized it: every human in the US is a male or a female (though, ironically, the radical left has begun to vehemently deny this). Could that scientific fact be utilized for their evil purpose?

Enter: Toxic masculinity

The leftist politicians and activists have seemingly settled on ‘toxic masculinity’ for their next attempt. Actually, it is hardly a new concept. In fact, it meshes quite well with the increasingly radical leftist concept that is increasingly referred to as the ‘femi-nazi’ movement, which has essentially taken hold of the entire Democratic party and leftist movement. Radical leftist feminism focuses on villainizing males at every single opportunity in life. The left now seems to believe that being male is enough reason to consider a person evil. Males are guilty by default.

The plan is simple and accomplishes two critical missions at once:

1) Turn (up to) 100% of Americans against their gender counterparts

2) Destroy the nuclear family

Will it work?

This new, super-radical brand of man-hating feminism has spread throughout the political class and Hollywood, augmented by the recent ‘Me Too’ movement. Many women and a few men throughout the US seem to have accepted toxic masculinity as a legitimate concept. More importantly, some large companies have jumped onto the toxic masculinity bandwagon, perhaps in an effort to appear ‘woke’ or pro-social-justice to potential consumers and/or to ensure that the radical leftist mob passes over (like the story of Passover) them when they seek to destroy all major companies that do not engage in their radical activism. Gillette was the latest company to join the movement, and the response to their YouTube short has been overwhelmingly negative (631,000 downvotes to 251,000 upvotes at the time of this writing). Only time will tell how successful the left’s mission (to turn men into second-class citizens?) will be. Fortunately, good parents still do exist and will continue to teach their children that males are not evil just because they are male….at least until being male becomes illegal.

Bait and pushback

Of course, another way of looking at this well-thought out effort is that it could be bait. The radical left may be intentionally pushing against men in order to make men play defense and make themselves appear foolish, radical, or “hyper-masculine”. If this is the short-term goal of the movement, it is a very simple and easy one to achieve. All they need to do is continue calling men evil and flirtatious, inappropriate and reckless, and when men become defensive and claim that they are not reckless and violent, they can respond with a ‘GOTCHA!’ by proving that men are responsible for nearly all violent crime and that men are by nature more reckless.

Utilization of Half-truths

This brings us to perhaps the most significant reason that this movement is seeing success. It is based on scientific facts; men are, by their very nature, more aggressive and reckless. I don’t deny this and few men would. The movement takes this genetic fact – one which men cannot change – and they take it a massive step further. The movement asserts that men are naturally aggressive, reckless, and therefore, we are all EVIL. Since the movement’s message does begin with a truth, it is understandable how some naive (read: ‘woke’) millennials could fall for it. What the feminazis don’t mention is that all of society (women included) benefits from men having the genetic characteristics that their creator/nature gave them. The majority of military personnel in combat roles are male. Males are biologically required in order to have children, so, simply put, the human race would go extinct in one generation without males. This may seem obvious to some , but it seems that ultra-radical feminists get so wrapped up in their hatred for men that they forget how much they really do need men (assuming that they identify with the human race).


As we touched upon earlier, the entire message of the feminist movement has become that ‘men are horrible creatures who should be shamed, sanctioned, and violently punished’. At the same time, the leftist feminist/LGBT message is that there are literally no differences between men and women. Additional hypocrisy within this ridiculous movement involves companies lecturing men about objectifying women while simultaneously objectifying women (see image). Additionally, if hateful feminist companies like Gillette really support equality, they will soon release a video lecturing women on ‘toxic femininity’, wherein women murder babies, smoke and drink while pregnant, make up false rape allegations, convince boys to commit suicide, etc. If they do not produce this video, they are not in favor of equality, they are just sexist towards men.

Where does this leave us?

The anti-male and anti-freedom movements, which are very closely related, present another compelling reason for separation and independence. States like NY, NJ, and CA will continue to radicalize into communist states and those who seek freedom and true equality will continue to push back. If independence movements (like the ones in New Hampshire, Texas, California, and Washington State) are impeded, violence within this divided nation is inevitable. I simply propose that those of you in NYC and NJ – or even the whole US – want to perpetually assault freedom, whites, males, and all those who don’t partake of your radical agenda, go right ahead. Just let us keep New Hampshire.