Every ten years, the United States government conducts a census of all persons living within its borders. The primary reason for the census is to determine how the 435 seats in the House of Representatives should be allotted. While there are some rules and restrictions, the seats are generally divided equally among the people, with each Representative representing the same number of constituents. On April 26th of 2021, the US Census Bureau released its results from the 2020 census. What the data shows is very telling, for a number of reasons. While many people may claim to support certain policies, their choices to live in a particular state are much more meaningful. One could claim to support high taxes, but if they move from a high-tax state to a low-tax state, they are essentially voting with their feet – by physically moving – to indicate that they truly support lower taxes. The same could be said about all other policies. So, according to the US government, which types of states are people moving out of, and which states are gaining population?

The survey found that California lost so many residents that they will lose one of their 53 seats in the House of Representatives. We have known for years that hundreds of thousands of people have been leaving California each year, likely due to the state’s high taxes, strict gun control, massive corruption, insanely high living costs, and rampant homelessness and drug problems. Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia also each lost one seat in Congress. 

The census data confirms what we have known for years: When it comes to putting their money where their mouths are, people overwhelmingly move out of leftist states run by Democrats. 

Where do these people move to? 

As you may have predicted, the census data demonstrates that people are moving to conservative pro-freedom states. Florida gained a seat in the House of Representatives, as did Montana, North Carolina, and Oregon. Texas gained two seats in the US House, meaning that the state’s winner in the 2024 presidential election will now be awarded 40 electoral votes. 

But it isn’t all necessarily good news for Republicans. Texas gaining two seats means that it becomes even more critical in presidential elections. Democrats have been closing the gap in statewide elections in recent years, and the latest census gives Democrats even more reason to continue focusing on the Lone Star State in presidential races. In 2020, Trump only beat Biden by 5.6% in Texas, meaning that if Biden could have flipped just 2.8% of voters, he would have turned Texas blue. Is there any doubt that if the Democrats had nominated an attractive candidate instead of the most pathetic, corrupt, white, old career politician, Texas could have been flipped

While the data from the 2020 census is generally very positive for conservatives, this is far from the end of the battle. In fact, I still believe that the united states are still moving towards leftist policies. People are smart enough to leave the most terrible Democratic states, but they are not yet intelligent enough to abandon failed policies such as gun control, high taxes, economic regulations, and endless foreign wars. Those who want to preserve liberty for the next generation will ultimately need to gather in a few states and declare independence from the federal government.