For the past year, people all over the world have witnessed what may be the most intense and coordinated propaganda campaign by the elites in world history. It appears that nearly every politician and all of the cronies in the “private” sector are working in cahoots to convince and coerce every human alive to get the vaccines and boosters every few months. Politicians are pushing the vaccines every day, government schools are pushing the shots and even injecting kids against parents’ wishes. Elites are buying billboards and ads all over, including TV and YouTube. They are putting the propaganda into movies and TV shows. Their friends from Walmart to Google and everywhere in between are pressuring everyone to pad the wallets of Pfizer and Moderna executives. Politicians are giving our money, weed, donuts, and even guns to those who get the vaccines. Elites are firing employees who refuse to get the vaccine, and then they are boasting about “high vaccination rates”, as if the employees voluntarily chose to get vaccinated. The list goes on. 

But even in light of all the above, what I discovered today, seeing and hearing, a creepy new form of propaganda, likely aimed at children and even immature or mentally challenged adults, left me shaking my head. 

If you have a Samsung/Android phone, hold down the home button and tell your virtual assistant to “sing me a song”. Your phone will then use her best robot singing voice to sing you a vaccine propaganda song, found below. The same occurs when you ask your Amazon Alexa to sing a song.

This is not over. Corona-fascism will likely never be over. Look out for more intense, invasive, and creepy propaganda to come out tomorrow. 

Here are the lyrics to the corona-fascism vaccine song:

“Let’s celebrate that we have the vaccine 

To help us bring a change to this old routine

It can help us build our immunities 

While taking care of our communities

Vaccines are safe and an important step 

Towards opening up and shaking hands again

And going somewhere we couldn’t visit for months

Protecting ourselves and the world at once

Scientists worked night and day

In record time they found a way

Like superheroes in masks and gloves

Helping us get back to what we love”

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Deanne · December 17, 2021 at 12:32 am

Crazy…. Bizarre…. Outrageous…. But isn’t crazy becoming “normal”?

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