After years of somewhat subtle messaging condemning white people and destroying the tradition of a nuclear family, the left has finally made their goals clear. They have officially stated in no uncertain terms that white people are inferior to other races because they display certain characteristics. The government-funded Museum of Black Supremacy (officially named the ‘Smithsonian Museum of African American History & Culture’) recently published an article on white privilege which condemns all white people. Never mind that this is the definition of racism. Hilariously, they also published an article titled ‘Being Anti-Racist’, which sits right next to this very racist article on their site.

Let’s discuss the horrible characteristics mentioned by the anti-white bigots who are paid by your tax dollars:

Individualism: According to the racist article, white people are inferior to others because they value individualism and self-reliance. Indeed, many white people do believe that they own their bodies and that politicians should not control their lives. I can’t speak for all white people (because I’m not a racist who generalizes entire races) but I do believe in maximum individual liberty and independence. In fact, I’ve created what has grown into a large publication called, which is based on individualism. I know that I can rely on myself for all of my needs, and I love it. I don’t need welfare. I don’t need help from politicians. I don’t worship those in government. Black people don’t need welfare either. They are as capable as their white counterparts. Sadly, progressives from LBJ to Obama have convinced far too many black Americans that they are stupid and incapable of holding a job and convinced them to become dependent on welfare forever. Currently, the Democratic Party officially believes that black Americans are too stupid to figure out how to obtain ID cards or driver licenses. 

Family: Those damn white people believe that it is acceptable for a man and a woman to get married and have children. While biology and history are on their side, this white family unit does run counter to the modern woke family unit, which assigns greatest value to family units furthest from the traditional model of one mother, one father, a marriage, and a house, a job, and children. Again, this claim made by the racist museum is largely true. Until 1940, black Americans were more likely to grow up with a married mother and father than their white counterparts. Decades of leftist destruction of black families later, 73% of black babies born in the US do not have married parents. Being raised by a single parent is an extremely strong predictor of crime and poverty, of course. Why do progressives – and the ‘African American Museum Against Whites’ – want to set up black children for failure?

image from a PragerU video

Science: Despite the left claiming to be the ones who believe in science while those damn conservatives reject science, they have now chosen to condemn white people for their belief in the scientific method. In the poster, they elaborate by including ‘rational, linear thinking’ in the list of horrible traits that white people possess. Black supremacists and the left as a whole have finally admitted that they reject logic, reason, facts, and studies; emotions and victim-hood guide their ideology, no need for science!

Work ethic: Yes, the radical black supremacists have condemned white people for believing such things as “ work before play” and “hard work is the key to success”. How dare those evil white people work hard?? They should just go on welfare like us! The government can support us all. Money grows on trees, after all!

The ‘African American Museum of Black Supremacy’ (as I call it) is part of the Smithsonian Museum System, which is funded and generally administered by the US Government. The new black-supremacist museum was opened under Obama in 2016 and staffed by his anti-white, anti-freedom, socialist bigots, who clearly still work there. 

Although their attempt to malign the 234 million white people in the US who did nothing to deserve condemnation failed miserably, this hate crime should not be ignored. It is worth mentioning, however, that traits such as ‘hard work’, ‘individualism’, rational thinking, and the others condemned by the racists who published the above article are increasingly being pushed out of the Overton window and may soon be universally condemned. Still, Trump should stop funding this racist museum with taxpayer funds immediately. Considering that black supremacists and progressives are so eager to charge people with hate crimes, maybe every employee of this pathetic excuse for a museum should be charged with a hate crime and sent to prison. 

Check out the SINMAAHC posters for yourself: