By Zephan Wood for The Liberty Block

There are a plethora of revolutionary monetary alternatives to fiat dollars. The most common being cryptocurrency, bartering, and precious metals. Additionally, there has been a rising star in the agorist currency space commonly known as goldbacks. There are currently four different state variations of goldbacks in existence, consisting of New Hampshire, Utah, and Nevada goldbacks that are in circulation. On December 6, 2021, a Wyoming variation was confirmed with a sneak peek of the 10 bill or 1/100 Troy ounce of gold. However, Wyoming goldbacks are not yet in circulation.

What exactly are goldbacks? According to their FAQ, “The Goldback is designed to be used as a currency with interchangeable denominations rather than varying premiums based on gold content. This means that the fifty denomination (1/20th of an oz) can be traded in for fifty of the one denomination (1/1,000th of an oz).”. Goldbacks are commonly used as a form of currency in a multitude of businesses ranging from grocery stores to tax services to health food stores and more!  Additionally, according to their website, users experience that Goldback acceptance may be as high as 50% among small business owners who are asked whether they’d accept the gold bills. 

One of the most unique aspects of goldbacks is the art that is engraved onto the bills. The Wyoming goldback, in particular, will have art that specifically reflects the art and history of the state. For example, the covered wagon as well as the firepit are likely designed to represent Wyoming’s frontier history and the rugged lifestyle that went along with it. This historical identity permeates into their current cultural identity of rugged individualism. The mountains in the background likely represent the Grand Teton mountain range that draws roughly 2.5-3 million visitors annually. Additionally, the bill prominently displays a dutch oven, which was commonly used for cooking by frontiersmen during their trek due to their durability and versatility. They continue to be used in Southwest cooking to this day. Finally, there is a woman dressed in traditional clothing featured on the bill, likely also placed there to harken back to the frontier period as well as to highlight the fact that Wyoming was the first state to grant women suffrage and continues to be called “The Equality State” to this day for that reason.

Goldbacks are a great step forward as a tool for liberty. Similarly, so is ideological self-segregation which, in the case of New Hampshire with the Free State Project for libertarians and conservatives maintaining a strong control of Wyoming, have been incredibly successful. Additionally, the increasing ideological self segregation has resulted in an immense proliferation of goldbacks in these areas. There is currently an avalanche of liberty happening in New Hampshire, with Wyoming likely to follow. If the trends continue in NH and WY and the Federal Reserve continues to endlessly print “money”, goldbacks and similar alternative currencies will continue to expand in their usage throughout the pro-freedom states of the union.  Once we can return to real, tangible, and valuable money as a means of exchange, there will be a substantial increase in freedom, prosperity, and liberty and a decrease in tyranny, oppression, and slavery. 

If that doesn’t make you use goldbacks, I don’t know what will! 

The Wyoming series is set to be released in late April. You can pre-order them on

The South Dakota series will be the next one to be released by Goldback.

P.S. To the makers of the goldback, please make cool historical art for the next edition of the NH goldback! 


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