In the Orwellian progression of the COVID-19 crisis, we are somewhere between the phase of ‘flatten the curve’ and ‘contact tracing’. The latter term refers to the dystopian practice employed by increasing nations to track individuals’ every move in order to find out who they’ve come into contact with. Of course, this is occurring under the cliche guise of ‘public health’. 

Using occupational licenses, which many workers now need in order to earn a living, the government could easily coerce people to do their bidding. By making it a requirement in order to renew your license to work, the government can easily convince people to be implanted with a ‘convenient’ chip. Of course, the government could simply make a microchip a requirement in order for individuals to renew their state ID/licenses. This would ensure that the new mandate would apply to nearly 100% of individuals.

“Using apps to accelerate contact tracing, in which authorities identify and test people who were recently near a virus carrier, has emerged as a tool to stem new outbreaks.” – Reuters

Some individuals often claim that “I’ll have a politician microchip me over my dead body!”. When push comes to shove, however, history has demonstrated that people succumb to pressure when they and their families and friends begin to suffer. If you do not have a license to work, you cannot legally earn a living. Once you begin to starve and fall behind on rent, you grow weaker by the day, and may eventually agree to the government’s demands. If you choose to work illegally (in the infamous ‘black market’), you run the risk of being arrested, fined, imprisoned, or killed. Once the government removes your right to work, there are no good alternatives left for you. If you were not allowed to return to work and would not be paid a cent until you complied with a new rule, how long would you hold out for?

Already underway

The utilization of licenses as a means of extortion is already occurring throughout the US. From Maine to California to Colorado, politicians (read: criminals) have been taking licenses away from restaurants who don’t obey the Corona-lockdown orders. In the case of the Sunday River Brewing Company, 65 employees were forced out of jobs due to politicians and their enforcers (police officers). If a business owner continues to operate their business without a license, they can face serious punishment, which could ultimately land you in prison. Maine’s politicians consider it a crime to sell food made at home unless you have a special food license from the government, and Maine is one of the freest states in the US. Some local governments consider it a crime to donate canned food to the poor without a license!

Not a far stretch

Already existing are a multitude of surveillance and tracking programs, and possibly many more which are kept secret by the government. The Liberty Block has discussed license plate readers, traffic cameras, police surveillance cameras, drones, speed cameras, wiretapping, the NSA, FISA, FBI, CIA, and many other abuses of our privacy and freedom by our ‘representatives’. Few people today are confident that they could successfully live outside of the government’s view and remain totally free from politicians’ grasp.

Micro-chips vs smart-phones?

Of course, the government doesn’t really need to implant us with chips to track our every move. Nearly every adult in the US has a smartphone that they carry with them wherever they go, along with their wallet and keys. This means that their smart-phones, which already have GPS tracking technology, already serve the same purpose as a microchip would in the eyes of power-hungry politicians. The government’s infinite warrantless access to our smart-phones also allows them to know every message we type, every site we visit, every phone conversation, and much more. So, the phones may actually be more valuable surveillance devices than chips. Still, this article will demonstrate how easy it would be for our overlords to implant every American with a microchip – without much pushback. Once politicians and their cronies can make chips seem as convenient and useful as smart phones, they will be eagerly adopted by Americans. 

Another route to the same destination

Although I believe with 100% certainty that politicians could successfully use occupational and/or drivers’ licenses to coerce people into doing damn near anything, they have other options, too. If our masters wish for us to be microchipped so that they could track and/or control us, they could use a more subtle method. 

Politicians control nearly every large institution and business with two primary methods: Laws and grants. Laws are passed by legislators (Senators and Representatives) and mandate that companies do or don’t do certain things. Sometimes, politicians use ‘regulators’ to do their dirty work for them so that they could remain unaccountable to their voters. The second method is through ‘grants’. This involves governments using taxpayer money to give a private company or local government a bribe in exchange for supporting their agenda. Considering the grants that I have seen the federal government give to companies and states, the following scenario seems very likely to me and would not be in the least bit surprising: 

The federal government awards a $75,000,000 (1/100,000th of the total COVID spending by the federal government) grant and conditional tax credit to United Healthcare insurance company for a 12-month trial called the ‘Contagion Risk Assessment Program’ (CRAP). 

CRAP Phase 1: Using the grant money, UH can implant the CRAP devices into the hand of volunteers. The CRAP is the size of a grain of rice, and allows government officials (read: politicians) to track the CRAP subject in real time using high-speed GPS monitoring. In order to attract volunteers, UH would offer a 40% reduction in premiums for the year and a 5% reduction for life. The federal government also might incentivize individuals with tax credits, if they felt it were necessary. It’s very important for the public to believe that the program was initially adopted by willing participants

CRAP Phase 2: After around 3 months of no reported complaints from the volunteers and excellent reports from the government, they expand the program. Over the next month, COVID+ persons who have the highest presumed propensity to interact with many people would have the CRAP implanted into their hands. They would be told that once the pandemic is over, they could return to the same hospital and have the chip removed. Of course, this would likely be a lie. Once politicians gain power, they almost never relinquish it.

CRAP phase 3: Beginning primarily in NYC, the CRAP is now fully functional. Politicians, regulators, and law enforcement can now log into their laptops and see New York’s CRAP in real time. Any time a COVID+ test subject violates social distancing or lockdown orders, they would be notified by an automated email or text message. “The automated nature of the CRAP allows us to do our job – which is protecting New Yorkers – with much greater efficiency, saving countless man hours of work. I hope the CRAP program is not temporary”, says the NYPD commissioner. 

CRAP phase 4: The NYC mayor signs an emergency executive order instructing police to arrest those who violate COVID orders. Additionally, the COVID- volunteers who come within 6 feet of a positive person are contacted and forced to quarantine for two weeks.  

CRAP phase 5: As the trial hits the halfway mark, other progressive mayors apply for the same grant, and the Trump administration awards the same grant to LA and Chicago, who begin their own 12-month long CRAP trials, though they plan to begin making arrests much quicker than NYC did. 

CRAP phase 6: The program is a smashing success, allowing NYC to finally have cause for optimism. The curve has been flattened, and people are allowed to gradually get back to normal. Well, back to the ‘new normal’, anyway. In addition to the public growing accustomed to an ever-increasing nanny-state spying on them, the term CRAP has become synonymous with the microchip tracker.

Aftermath: Thrilled that they just got away with one of the largest single usurpations of liberty and privacy in human history, politicians throughout the US rejoice. But they also must find their next task. The Coronavirus is losing its steam, so they must find a way to continue the CRAP they’ve been doing for the past year. After the first meeting, the group led by Barack Obama, Gavin Newsome, Andrew Cuomo, Gretchen Whitmer, and Anthony Fauci establish the Surveillance & Hand Implantation Taskforce’. The primary spokesperson for the taskforce is Greta Thunberg. Among the many ideas that the SHIT considers excreting are: 

  • Easing into the CRAP implants by initially using smartphones for ‘contact tracing’
  • Tax credits for chip implants
  • Mandatory CRAP implants for all convicted criminals
  • A CRAP-like probation period for ex-convicts
  • Mandatory CRAP in order to fly internationally by 2025
  • Mandatory CRAP in order to fly domestically by 2030
  • Requiring a CRAP in order to renew a passport
  • Requiring a CRAP in order to renew all occupational licenses
  • Requiring a CRAP in order to renew all driver licenses and IDs
  • Awarding a grant to Apple and/or Google to help develop contact tracing technology and similar SHIT
  • Awarding an R&D grant to Tesla and/or other companies and encouraging them to upgrade the CRAP to make it more useful and attractive for consumers
  • Sending an envoy to China to learn about the Sesame Credit program and guidance for implementing similar SHIT in the US
  • Granting instant citizenship to applicants willing to take a CRAP
  • Mandatory implants for firearms permit applicants, beginning in NYC
  • Soliciting celebrities to take a CRAP and/or endorse SHIT. Leo Dicaprio, Alyssa Milano, and Tom Hanks are a few of the names being considered
  • Counter-propaganda to combat the civil libertarians’ inevitable rejection of SHIT

The political leaders on the taskforce knew that their ideas were brilliant because they could gradually be implemented without causing much alarm. Despite seeming benign when introduced and implemented slowly over a period of years, these measures would give the government tremendous powers over the masses. They will surely remind concerned citizens at every turn that “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear!”

Upon leaving the meeting, the SHIT members were confident that they will soon be able to track and control every human in the US. How confident are you that they are wrong?

UPDATE: The NY Post has reported that the US government has developed a micro-chip that can pre-emptively detect the presence of COVID-19!!