For the second time in the past few months, a highly respected polling agency has asked New Hampshire residents a number of questions about how they feel about secession. 

The University of New Hampshire’s Granite State Poll is a well-known monthly survey of residents in the Live Free or Die state. The SurveyUSA poll conducted last year had a smaller sample size and asked more questions about secession. The larger UNH survey of 1,105 residents found lower numbers for overall support for New Hampshire declaring independence from DC. 

However, the May 2023 poll again found that roughly half of conservatives in New Hampshire and 36% of Trump voters support peaceful separation from the union, with a core group of around 10% strongly favoring independence. The 2022 poll found that 10% of NH residents supported independence so strongly that they would volunteer their time and money to make secession happen. 

The Granite State Poll found that the most pro-independence income bracket was the middle class cohort (household income of 75-100k), which is not a shock to anyone. In fact, only 47% of those middle class people said that if New Hampshire were currently independent, they would support the state joining the union. Statewide, only 57% said they would want New Hampshire to join the united states if it were sovereign and was debating whether to become a state ruled by DC. 

As for the most direct question: “Would you support or oppose New Hampshire peacefully seceding from the united states and governing itself as a separate country?”, 16% percent said they were ready to secede, meaning that 84% still may need some convincing. Only 76% said they currently oppose seceding from the union. The SurveyUSA poll found that 29% were ready to secede. 

The poll found that “only 5% of New Hampshire residents say that they have heard a lot about” the 2022 legislation that sought to place independence from DC on the ballot. This means that the biggest issue facing the secession movement at the moment may simply be exposure. As more people learn about peaceful separation, the numbers could increase substantially. 

“If the number of people so furious at DC that they want to secede is between 16 and 29 percent in the movement’s infancy, we are going to win our independence from DC. It’s inevitable…Peaceful separation from the tyrants in DC have all of the momentum, especially because the DC swamp makes life harder for Granite Staters on a nearly daily basis…only 5% of Granite Staters are familiar with the concept of independence. Most people have never even considered it as an option. The opposition has reached 100% of people, so they have no room for growth. We are just getting started and have only reached a tiny fraction of the potential supporters who are out there just waiting to hear about the ideas of liberty and independence”, Alu Axelman, President of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, told The Liberty Block. 

Perhaps the most optimistic finding of the poll was a statistic relatively unrelated to secession. Of the 1,105 surveyed, 120 self-identified as ‘libertarian’, which would indicate that over 10% of New Hampshire residents fit that description.

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