The following is a Facebook post made by a sheriff’s deputy, Wyoming National Guard paramedic, and principled patriot regarding the anti-cop protests and his personal growth regarding the police issue in the US:  

“I just want to say a few words here and I’ll probably lose some friends but cannot stay quiet any longer, this is too important to me. Obviously there’s a problem in America. A race problem, a government problem in general. As a white person, I cannot even relate to the everyday life of a person of color. It has taken me a long time and a lot of learning but I have learned that I am privileged. I totally understand the anger and frustration. It definitely sucks that property is being destroyed and riots are breaking out around the nation but what sucks even more, is the fact that too many people of color have lost their lives at the hands of the government.  Those lives cannot be replaced or rebuilt; buildings can.

Why can’t they protest peacefully? Because they’re called traitors, anti-American, anti-police, told when and how they can protest. Peaceful protests haven’t worked and have been criticized by those who are not affected by the problems that the protesters are affected by.

I will be the first to say that I was wrong. I criticized Colin Kaepernick, boycotted the NFL season because of how he protested. I took it personally because of my chosen profession. Do I agree with every circumstance that has been protested in the last few years? Not necessarily but after what happened in Minneapolis, I’m certainly questioning those things. But today, I see it. I see you, Colin Kaepernick.

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If anyone is using these protests for an agenda, look no further than the growing fascist movements and absolute ass wiping on the part of our government with our constitution. I’m not talking about just the Republicans or just the Democrats so don’t even write in this post “But the Democrats!” “But the Republicans!” Because this transcends your ridiculous partisan politics. 

We are ALL Americans, don’t let them divide us based on party, race, gender, or any other inconsequential characteristic. They just want to distract us from noticing how much they hurt us and keep us under their complete control., the D’s and R’s divide us.”

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