Throughout 2020 and part of 2021, Dictator Chris Sununu ruled over New Hampshire with the iron fist of a typical corona-fascist. In March of 2020, he shut out the legislature and assumed full control over the state. Over the next 15 months, he would go on to pass a multitude of laws without any input from the elected legislators. 

Among the 86 emergency orders that Sununu passed into law with a stroke of his pen were many brutal mandates that took over control of private businesses. Some of the most impactful orders included:

Emergency Order #4 prohibited landlords and rental businesses from evicting tenants, even if they did not pay their rent. 

Emergency Order #17 forced all non-essential businesses to shut down indefinitely. 

Emergency Order #65 seemingly authorized law enforcement agents to enter any property without a warrant or consent of the owner, as long as it was for a reason related to corona-fascism. “We’re going to have our enforcement teams out there”, said Sununu.

Emergency Order #74 mandated that all people wear a mask, with a few exceptions. 

In October of 2020, Dictator Sununu mandated that all restaurants begin contact tracing on all patrons. This forced restaurants to pay staff to violate their customers’ privacy by asking them to write their names and phone numbers on sheets that remained in public view. Sununu justified this by claiming that the information could be used to contact all of the customers who may have been exposed to COVID if they ever hear that a customer tested positive. We cannot find the actual emergency order number.

In June of 2021, after crushing the red-hot economy of New Hampshire, putting thousands of people out of work, and causing thousands of children to be needlessly abused with masks, isolation, and fear propaganda, Dictator Sununu ended the 15-month long ‘state of emergency’. This allowed the legislature to once again legislate. 

Late Tuesday night, in comments with citizens concerned about Sununu’s support for corona-fascism, the Dictator repeatedly told the exasperated commenters that he could not help them fight against the discrimination in workplaces because he does not have and should not have the power to do anything that could influence a private business, even if the private business was funded by and controlled by the government. The citizens wanted Sununu to commit to opposing vaccine passports and mask mandates by private businesses. 

Sununu told commenters that controlling a business would be ‘communist’, and distanced himself from that type of governance. Sununu claimed that the state has zero regulation on hospitals, although the state website indicates that they have tremendous amounts of them. He claimed that he would never tell a business what they can or cannot do. 

When China’s public-private partnership economy was mentioned, he suggested that one constituent moves to China to experience real communism. When asked what set the united states apart from China, Sununu repeatedly failed to answer. Screenshots are attached below.

Update: The totally non-communist Dictator boasted on October 15th about his regime buying another hospital:


Andrew J. Manuse · October 5, 2021 at 9:35 pm

Gov. Chris Sununu either doesn’t have a brain or he is playing dumb, but in either case Sununu sounds like an idiot here. Private businesses are not choosing to require vaccinations; this is a well-known truth. Government and insurance companies are colluding to force private businesses into requiring vaccination, and Sununu absolutely can stop it by making a few phone calls. He doesn’t even need Legislation. Call the CEO and tell them to knock it off or he will lobby the Legislature to fix this legislatively–mandates go away overnight. Government absolutely has a role to play to protect the rights of the minority. There is no doubt that this is one of the enumerated roles of government; it is the very reason we have a government at all.

    The Liberty Block · October 7, 2021 at 3:41 am

    Excellent points!!

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