Over the past few months, Alu Axelman has turned four of his nine books into audio-books. One of the most frequent requests involves making the books available on audio for those who prefer to listen rather than read. Alu has found four excellent narrators, two of which are members of the New Hampshire liberty community. 

In January 2023, the satirical musician, singer, and talk-radio host known as ‘Captain Kickass’ recorded the audiobook for ‘The Plague That Must Not Be Questioned’, Alu’s massive exposé of corona-fascism, largely based on his 12 years working in emergency medicine. The Captain has decades of experience in audio/music and is a regular host on Free Talk Live, the premier pro-liberty radio show and podcast in the world. The book about the scamdemic has sold over 200 copies prior to the audiobook being published.

In May 2023, Rebecca Schwab finished recording The Blueprint For Liberty, which is now live on Audible/Amazon. Rebecca is a wonderful narrator and has decades of experience in media and professional voice over dating back to her experience as a journalist in the US Army. The book about secession being the only solution for liberty has sold over 200 copies prior to the audiobook being published.

Also live now on Audible/Amazon is Articles of Secession, narrated by Adrian Bisson. This professional narrator has published numerous books, including the famous ‘Railroaded’ audiobook/podcast, which tells the story of Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road. The book answering the most common questions about secession has sold over 100 copies prior to the audiobook being published.

In October 2023, Alu published the audiobook for Taxation is Theft. John G. Franklin, a Brazil-based voice actor and narrator, recorded the book. Listeners can expect to come away with an excellent understanding of the history, evolution, justifications, expenses, and alternatives to taxation in the united states. Readers have bought 170 copies of the book prior to the audiobook being produced.

Presumed Guilty will likely be the next book Alu publishes on Audible, as it is being recorded by another free stater at the moment. The book about systemic violations of due process has sold over 200 copies prior to the audiobook being published.

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