I have been calling for secession for a number of years. It is the only solution that remains for those who support freedom. It is also the only solution that would instantly solve many, if not most, of the issues facing individuals in the US. It would allow each of us to live among like-minded people who would not use the law to force others to live their ideology. That is the beauty of self-governance; California could be as progressive as they wish to be, Texas could be conservative, and New Hampshire could be libertarian. 

Increasingly, the trend in the US and in nearly every state has been moving quickly towards leftist authoritarianism, socialism, and anti-conservatism (in 2021, conservatives are often seen as second class citizens). And it gets worse every day. Considering that my primary career is in medicine, I admittedly place much more importance on trends than many of my non-medical counterparts. On a simple level, nothing going on with my patient matters as much as the trend. I am perpetually asking myself: “Is my patient getting better or worse?” 

If my treatment plan is making them worse, I reassess it. If my treatment plan is making them better, I continue it. 

In my downtime, I enjoy investing. In today’s modern age, technology makes so many parts of investing so easy. For instance, seeing the trend of a given stock or ETF is as simple as clicking one button. Your broker/app should be able to show you the trend of that stock price over the past day, week, month, quarter, year, 5 years, and all time since it was created (IPO). 

Smart investors would generally like to see their investments trending in the right direction over the past week, month, year, etc. 

If you invested in an ETF called “union” and it decreased in price every single day for the past 200 years, would you sell it? Would you buy more? If you owned zero shares of this ETF, would you start buying it now, or would you develop alternative plans?

What if all data points made it clear that this ETF was only ever going to continue moving in the wrong direction?

Of course, you would dump all of your shares of ‘union’ immediately and never look back.

The union of the 50 once-independent states has been consistently moving in the polar opposite direction of your desires every single day for at least 100 years. Let’s take one of the many issues going in the wrong direction as an example to illustrate this point. Federal gun laws over the past 100 years look like this: 

The US had no gun laws until 1934. Using (a very real) tragedy as justification, FDR signed a large gun control package called the NFA into law in 1934. This law regulated machine guns, suppressors, short-barreled firearms, and many other classes of weapons. It created a prohibitively high tax in order to buy a regulated weapon. At $200 ($4,000 inflation-adjusted), only the richest individuals in the US could afford to purchase the most effective weapons.

In 1938, FDR signed the Federal Firearms Act into law. The FFA created a federal firearms license (FFL) for manufacturers, importers, and dealers. 

In 1968, LBJ signed the Gun Control Act into law. The GCA tightened FFL requirements, mandated that all firearms have serial numbers, as well as other rules to violate our natural rights. 

In 1986, Republican hero, Ronald Reagan, signed the Firearm Owners Protection Act into law. The FOPA made it illegal for civilians to own any automatic weapons created after 1986. Of course, Government enforcers like the military and police are exempt from this restriction. 

In 1993, Clinton signed the Brady Handgun bill into law, using a (very real) tragedy as justification. The BHVPA required federal background checks for all gun purchases and prohibited a long list of people from owning firearms. 

In 2016, Obama cleverly utilized the Social Security Administration to prohibit potentially every elderly person from owning a firearm. The law forces the SSA to report any social security recipient who requires a family member or anyone else to help them manage their SS benefits or other complicated paperwork. Obama essentially declared (without passing a bill) that anyone who needs any help with their finances or complicated social security management is mentally unfit to protect themselves or to own a firearm. Trump reversed this rule. Biden has already promised to reinstate it. 

In 2019, using a (very real) tragedy as justification, Trump directed the ATF (without passing a bill) to ban bump stocks. This set an extremely dangerous precedent for multiple reasons. I must point out that Republicans had 100% control over the federal government during 2017 and 2018 and did nothing to support gun rights or to repeal the massive amounts of gun laws in the US. They clearly have no issue with violating our natural rights. 

In 2021, Biden plans to implement every type of gun control the leftist authoritarians have ever imagined, and on a massive scale. And with total control of the House and Senate (and courts), they will pass everything they want. Of course, most Republican politicians support at least some gun control anyway. 

To my knowledge, government agents are exempt from all gun laws. Talk about a free and equal justice system!

It gets worse. That was just a very brief overview of some federal gun law trends. States and cities go far beyond the federal restrictions. In nearly every state, the trend graph would look similar to the federal gun control chart above. Each day, gun owners lose more rights due to state and/or city laws. 

The exact same trend is seen in regards to taxes over the past 200 years. Until 1913, the effective tax rate for individuals in the US was likely around 1%. Over the decades, it has steadily and consistently grown to around 40%. Do you really see that changing anytime soon? Republicans have had total control of the federal government multiple times, and other than Trump’s minor restructuring of the tax code (which Biden has pledged to reverse), taxes have rarely decreased for Americans, and only temporarily. They will continue to rise for eternity, especially as the government promises to provide total student loan forgiveness, free college, universal healthcare, and free housing to everyone. 

Shouldn’t the graph below go up and not down???

States and cities have increasingly stolen more money from working individuals over the past few decades with no signs of slowing down. We must also keep in mind that income taxes are only one of around 100 different types of taxes that are levied against people by our honorable politicians.

Other than employers, nobody seems to even be aware of the payroll tax. It has also increased over the years:

Furthermore, inflation (the hidden tax) brought on by printing trillions of dollars each year is going to destroy our finances immeasurably – including the money in our savings and retirement accounts. If you thought that a million dollars in your IRA was going to cut it, think again. In 20 years, that will barely be enough to live on  for 5 years. 

The same could be said for education. The trend has consistently gone down every day for the past 100 years. Now, 90% of students in the US attend government schools. Only 10% are educated by private or home education. Schools have become factories that churn out obedient pro-government and anti-freedom clones. It is harder than ever to homeschool your children in the US. And the left has many plans for attacking education freedom from every angle. They will continually make government schools more compulsory and they will continue to criminalize private and home education. They will increasingly make the school day longer until parents barely see their children anymore. 

Perhaps the most frightening trend that has consistently gotten worse over the past 100 years is the surveillance state. In the US and in nearly every state and city, the government has granted itself increasing powers to spy on us in every single way. Cameras, license plate readers, spying on phones, laptops, Ring doorbells, social media, and everything else has become the new normal. Do you really think that the government will stop spying on us anytime soon? Secession would provide the only chance to reel in the surveillance state. 

Please consider looking at the trend of liberty like you would a stock and act accordingly. Dump the union and buy into liberty and self-governance. 

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