Why Progressives Should Support Peaceful Separation

At any moment, DC politicians can step up their enforcement and/or begin to punish states that flout their laws. The federal government takes billions of dollars from taxpayers in progressive states each year. They send the money back to the state governments, but only as long as they obey the wishes of DC elites. If the US government decides to stop sending that money back to any state that does not obey federal cannabis and immigration law to a tee, life would change drastically for around 50 million progressives overnight. 

Dear California conservatives

Dear California conservatives, After decades of fighting tirelessly against the increasingly radical anti-freedom Democrats, as your allies in the perpetual pursuit for liberty, we must strongly recommend that you concede. Socialism, authoritarianism, and anti-American sentiment are gaining steam every day in California, and the trend shows no signs of slowing Read more…