On June 22nd, the news broke that an 18-year-old girl and her boyfriend were accosted on the side of a road in Lorain, Ohio by an armed man. Video footage shows a car waiting for the teens’ car to pass it, at which point the armed man flags down the victims’ car. With a full-sized, semi-automatic handgun clearly visible on his hip, the man exits his car and walks over to the car that he stopped. He opens the victims’ door and ushers a black male teen into his car, essentially at gunpoint. He can be heard threatening to hold the teen indefinitely. The man can be heard asking the teen about drugs and weapons before returning to the car to question/harass the other occupants. The armed man threatens the front passenger and eventually trades the teen for another occupant of the car, who was later discovered to be the accoster’s 18-year-old daughter. He then drives off with her protesting and screaming in the back seat of his car.

While the attacker didn’t aim his gun at the victims, Ohio law could easily be used to convict him of kidnapping, which could carry a sentence of life in prison.

The suspect was fired from his job on May 11th and he has not yet been charged by city, county, or state prosecutors, meaning that he will likely not be charged with any crime whatsoever.

Why wouldn’t he be charged?

image from MichaelBaisden.com

After minimal research, we discovered that the perpetrator is a member of what many consider the largest violent gang in the entire US. This national gang of approximately one million members has kidnapped millions of people and killed and raped a horrifying amount of Americans, as well.

This gang seems to be even more politically connected than the mafia of old, though. Per at least one source, only around one in a thousand members of this gang is convicted of murder when charged. Very often, government prosecutors neglect to even charge the gang members with any crime, essentially leaving no evidence that any wrongdoing even occurred.

The Lorain police and the Ohio government seemingly do not plan to charge John Kovach Jr., (the suspect in the video) with any crimes. They discovered that the victims were the perpetrator’s daughter and her black boyfriend. She was seemingly pulled over by officer Kovach because her boyfriend was black, which her father did not approve of. Her father seems to claim that she was missing or suicidal to justify the armed kidnapping.

At the moment, it seems that officer Kovach has been let go from the Lorain Police Department. He is appealing that decision, but if he loses, he’ll likely end up working for another police department anyway.

The Liberty Block will not rest until this criminal (now-ex) cop is sentenced to prison. We would appreciate your help in raising enough awareness to make that happen. Remember: this could easily happen to your loved ones.

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