Late Monday evening, the US Senate confirmed Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court by a vote of 52-48. The confirmation marks another big win for President Trump and the Republicans. Democrats are equally distraught about the addition of another pro-freedom constitutionalist to the Supreme Court. At least two Democratic politicians announced their support for expanding (packing) the court to allow for more seats which could then be filled by the next Democratic president with progressive judges. 

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Moments after the Senate confirmed Barrett, democratic socialist superstar, Alexandria Cortez Tweeted “Expand the court”. Simple as that. 

Shortly afterwards, fellow progressive superstar, Ilhan Omar retweeted Cortez and endorsed the practice of court-packing:

After months of evading and deflecting the question of whether they’d pack the supreme court by expanding it from 9 seats to 11 or 13, Democrats have finally abandoned the secrecy and endorsed the authoritarian decision to grow the supreme court, which has had 9 seats for nearly all of American history. 

Democrats like Cortez, Biden, Harris, Schumer, and Pelosi are extremely worried about what Barrett could do to their agenda. She might not support federal tax dollars going toward killing babies. She might not support total government control over healthcare. She may not support violating gun rights of innocent people. Barrett might rule that bakers should not be forced at gunpoint to violate their religion or serve customers they don’t want to serve. Most importantly, she might decide against the Democrats on some key voter integrity cases, making it harder for them to steal elections. 

I must point out that Democrats have been willfully conflating the terms ‘packing the court’ and ‘appropriately filling vacancies of office’ for months in anticipation of this moment. For months, Democratic leaders have been convincing voters that Trump and the Republicans were ‘packing the courts’ by filling vacancies – which is literally the job of the president, and it’s what every president does. Now that Democrats and some independents believe that Republicans packed the course, they are likely to support the Democrats’ attempts to pack the courts, too. This was all totally planned, as I mentioned a long time ago.

If Biden and Harris win next week’s election, American voters can now expect to see the supreme court grow to however large it must be for Democrats to secure a large majority on the nation’s highest court. Would Americans let that happen?

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