On Wednesday afternoon, Bernie Sanders went live on YouTube with an announcement, telling his supporters that he is dropping out of the Democratic primary for president. During his speech, the socialist Senator from Vermont reflects on the true success of his campaign, which was bringing socialist ideas into the mainstream. Bernie was the last opponent of Joe Biden, and his campaign ending means that Joe Biden will be the nominee to face Trump in November, just as we predicted over a year ago.

“In terms of health care, this current horrific crisis that we are now in has exposed for all to see how absurd our current employer-based health insurance system is…health care must be considered as a human right.”, said the socialist icon in the video.

Joe Biden, the former vice president who has been in politics for 50 years, will be the nominee. He has been angling to sell himself to the American people as a ‘moderate’ Decmocrat by comparison to the openly anti-freedom socialists that have shared the stage with him, but the primary has dragged him as far left as Sanders and Cortez. Biden supports gun control, higher taxes, open borders, government-run healthcare, increasing power for politicians, decreasing civil liberties for citizens, and every other idea made popular by the party’s far-left wing. Indeed, the far-left socialists have taken over the Democratic party, leaving no room for a moderate Democrat in the party or in the progressive movement. In fact, the few Democrats who refused to openly endorse full socialism have recently defected to the Republication party to take refuge in a more welcoming space, including a Congressman and a Governor.

Among the many issues facing Joe Biden on the road to the White House are the question of his mental health. The only debate left seems to be whether his dementia is mild or moderate. Few reasonable people still seem to question whether he has dementia. Personally, I think it is moderate (severe dementia involves being unable to walk or care for oneself). On a great many occasions, Biden has bumbled through entire sections of speeches, stringing incoherent words and sounds together for quite a while. As his dementia progresses, his speech and decision making will only worsen.

Many respected political analysts are already convinced that the Democratic Party will not allow Biden to be their nominee, due to his dementia. Many believe that at the convention, he will be replaced by someone like Mike Bloomberg or Andrew Cuomo.

Such an extreme occurrence is unlikely and would be devastating for the Democratic Party. They already lost tremendous amounts of trust among their own ranks by wrestling the nomination away from Bernie Sanders in 2016 and again this year (if not for DNC intervention, Biden likely never would have clinched the nomination). If the leadership usurps the power of their primary voters for a third time in four years by giving the nomination to yet another person, they could lose their base forever. Many have speculated that a brokered convention would be disastrous because the various supporters would grow to resent their counterparts in other primary campaigns, eventually tearing the party apart from the inside.

As long as the economy begins to get back on track by November, Trump will win reelection in a landslide, whoever the Democrats nominate. Allowing Biden to be the nominee would ensure that Trump could cruise to an easy and decisive victory, though. But could they help their cause by nominating anyone else?