In accordance with his new motto of “public health first“, Governor Sununu has issued an executive order which prioritizes public safety over personal freedoms. On Tuesday afternoon, Sununu announced that he will be requiring all people involved in gatherings of over 100 people to wear face masks, as reported by WCAX.

While some people believe that these mandates are not enforced by police officers, New Hampshire’s new law will not be for show only. “We’re going to have our enforcement teams out there”, said the Republican Governor. While they might be city cops, state police, or the National Guard, we can only assume that these ‘enforcement teams’ will consist of armed government agents.

Currently, New Hampshire has seen very few cases and barely any deaths due to COVID. Nearly every person who allegedly died from COVID was very old and very sick before contracting the virus. One must keep in mind that the numbers for COVID cases and deaths are humongously inflated

As of Monday, Governors in 33 states had mandated that their subjects wear masks. Now, authoritarian Governor, Chris Sununu has made NH the 34th state to abridge the liberties of its citizens in the name of COVID. 

Even with the inflated numbers, the virus has been diminishing in NH. If Sununu is increasing restrictions on freedom despite the diminishing threat of the virus, we must assume that he will continue restricting more liberties moving forward. 

Wearing masks are barely effective and may even have some negative effects, according to Doctor Eric Meyer, Chairman of Anesthesia at LRGH. Doctor Meyer explains that wearing a mask can decrease the amount of oxygen a person inhales, it could give them a false sense of security, and it harbors tremendous amounts of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, etc.) if reused. Wearing a mask could also lead to an increase in periodontal disease, which could lead to strokes and heart attacks.

Next week, Sununu may expand the mask mandate to include smaller gatherings. He may also implement a contact tracing program in the formerly ‘Live Free or Die’ state. Citizens should prepare for continuously diminishing freedoms. 

It is also worth noting that legislatures have largely become obsolete, now that Governors have begun to make laws by executive order – and gotten away with it for months. Why would they ever relinquish law-making powers back to elected legislators?

In a few weeks, New Hampshire will get to see whether bikers participating in the annual ‘Laconia Motorcycle Week’ will obey ‘His Excellency’. The event is supposed to begin on August 22nd. 

UPDATE: Governor Sununu has announced that he will send men with guns to collect fines of $2,000 per day in the event that a person violates any of his emergency orders.