On Friday afternoon, New Hampshire governor, Chris Sununu (R) announced on Facebook that he has vetoed three more anti-gun bills passed by the House and Senate, both of which are controlled by Democrats. Sununu already vetoed HB696, a confusing and tyrannical firearm confiscation bill last month. With these vetoes, all four anti-gun bills passed by the legislature this session have officially been killed and could only be resurrected by a veto override, which is unlikely to occur.

The bills that Sununu vetoed today were HB514, HB109, and HB564.

House Bill 514 required a mandatory waiting period of three days before a person could take possession of a firearm they purchased from a store – after passing the federal NICS background check. The Democratic bill initially included a waiting period of 7 business days before a person could take their new gun or ammunition home. Understanding that New Hampshire citizens have enjoyed having no restrictions whatsoever (besides for the federal laws) on firearms or ammunition, the politicians amended the bill to water it down, making it easier to pass in a state that values freedom as much as New Hampshire does. The restriction on ammunition purchases was removed from the bill, and the waiting period was decreased from 7 days to 3 days. Regardless, our Governor protected us from the attempts by anti-freedom leftists to infringe on our natural rights.

House Bill 109 required those who purchased firearms from federal firearms licensed dealers to pass a background check. This is already the federal law, so this bill was redundant and could not possibly do any good.

House Bill 564 prohibited firearms in ‘safe school zones’. This includes parents who drop off or pick up their children from schools and may include people who are within a certain vicinity of a school’s property, including their school buses.

Interestingly, the Democrats passed these bills 39 days before submitting it to the Governor, causing people to doubt whether they were waiting for a shooting tragedy to occur before protesting gun rights and demanding that the Governor ‘do something’ and sign these anti-gun bills into law.

Please thank Governor Sununu for protecting our natural rights to property and self-defense from the anti-freedom Democrats and please consider voting in next November’s elections so that we don’t have to rely on a veto to save our rights to protect ourselves and our loved ones.


Democrats attempted to override the vetoes on all four of these bills. They failed to attain the 2/3 majority necessary to override the vetoes. All four of these bills are now dead. Until next session. They were around 30 votes away from OVERRIDING these vetoes.