On Friday morning, the Cleveland Indians professional baseball team announced that they are changing their name, as reported on MLB.com.

The pathetic Cleveland baseball team has chosen to rename their team ‘The Guardians’, silently hoping that the left won’t target them for such a benign name for at least a few more years.

A two minute-video narrated by renowned leftist racist, Tom Hanks, made the announcement official on the team’s Twitter page. The uninspiring video was comprised of two minutes of stock footage of skylines and meaningless drivel about Celeceland being a decent city and ‘moving forward’.

Cleveland Wokians

For the past few years, radical leftists have been pretending to feel offended whenever a person uttered words such as ‘Indians’, ‘Redskins’, ‘Chiefs’, ‘Blackhawks’, or nearly any other word. Their years-long pressure campaign finally claimed its first professional sports team victim last year when they convinced the owner of the Washington Redskins to drop their name. The Redskins still have not chosen a new name, possibly because they are having trouble finding a name that the left will tolerate.

It is only a matter of time before the Celtics, Patriots, Chiefs, Braves, Pirates, and every other team is destroyed by the leftist woke mob. We will do our best to keep you up to date.

In their haste to cower and appease the professional victims that comprise the radical left, the Cleveland Baseball Team seemingly made a terrible mistake. You see, the name ‘Cleveland Guardians’ already exists, and it has already been taken by another sports team based in Cleveland, Ohio. This roller derby team is very much active, and they also happen to own the website ‘ClevelandGuardians.com‘, which may prove rather problematic for the miserable baseball team.

The original Cleveland Guardians logo

Despite being lifelong football and baseball fans and athletes, The Liberty Block staff has largely stopped watching professional sports over the past few years. Sports have become yet another political institution controlled by the anti-freedom left.

Congratulations, leftists! You have ended racism by defeating the Cleveland Indians and forcing them to change their name!

people laugh at Sportcenter and Guardians
The majority of responses are people laughing at the pathetic new name change