You’ve heard the leftist elites. We must resolve inequality by taking the wealth from billionaires and redistributing it to those in need. I agree! Let’s take a short walk down Imagination Boulevard and see how such a policy would play out.

As of the latest available data, there are 630 billionaires in the united states, and their total net worth is $4.6 trillion

The DC politicians just confiscated all of their wealth. The greedy capitalists now have no money. And the federal government can use the confiscated wealth to fund the government for around 7 months

How’s the economy doing?

Well, in order to give the government his $200 billion net worth, Elon Musk sold all of his stocks and other investments. The unprecedented sell-off of 22% of total stocks caused Tesla to crash and go bankrupt. The company no longer exists, and its 70,000 workers are all now unemployed. SpaceX also went under, because he was a 48% shareholder in that, too. 

Jeff Bezos has a total net worth of around $200 billion, as well. He owns 11% of Amazon, which accounts for 175 billion of his total net worth. His tremendous sale caused a sell-off, and Amazon’s stock price is now spiraling down and may be bankrupt by next week. Once that happens, its 1.3 million workers will be jobless. Amazon crashing is causing layoffs and a catastrophe in the world economy, and things are starting to look bleak for every market in the world. Blue Origin is also now dead.

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger have sold off their entire $550 billion portfolio at Berkshire Hathaway. They generously gave DC a massive sum of money, but Apple, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, and many other companies are now defunct. And a few million more people are now out of work. But it’s okay, because it’s all for the greater good! 

Bill Gates has divested his entire $134 billion net worth and has graciously given it all to the government. In order to do this, he had to sell his $26 billion in Microsoft stock, causing the technology company to crash and file for bankruptcy. Its 181,000 workers are now out of a job. This is working out super well, and we still have 625 more billionaires to go. Use your imagination to figure out just how well this plan would work for our economy.

Let’s keep going! Let’s go, Brandon!!! 

It is now the year 2023, and things are going super well in the united states. Around 85% of Americans are unemployed, the stock market is totally dead, and there are zero billionaires. The international economy has ground to a halt, and people are dying of starvation. For democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders and Cortez, things are going as well as they imagined! 

There is one issue, though. With no billionaires and barely any workers or commerce, tax receipts have plummeted from around $4 trillion in 2021 to $375,000 in 2023. Where will the DC politicians get the other $7 trillion from? The government can’t shut down. That would be devastating! But at least there will never be another billionaire created ever again in the united states, nor will there be another millionaire!