Perhaps the most well-kept secret of all time is that progressive Democrats consider people of color to lack the necessary traits to achieve success on their own. Yet, Democrats have convinced many of their followers that they support black Americans and other minorities. Do they really support them, or do they just pity them, or use them for their voting power? Let’s look at the facts: 


Democrats support increasing amounts of welfare, especially to blacks and other minorities. Progressive Democrats are proud to support increasingly high taxes in order to redistribute wealth to black people. These actions suggest that they believe that black people are unable to earn a proper living without massive help from politicians. This is the definition of racism. And it is not true. Black Americans are among the most successful in the world. Each person can create their own destiny. Everyone faces challenges, including black people. And every human has the power within them to overcome those obstacles. It is unfortunate that Democrats try to bribe black people with welfare in exchange for their votes every 2 years. 

Conservatives and libertarians, on the other hand, believe that all humans are capable of gaining employment. They believe that black people and all minorities are no less capable of earning a living than anyone else. 


Progressive Democrats believe that black people are not capable of getting jobs and earning promotions. So, they have created laws that require companies to hire a certain number of black workers. Now, Democratic politicians are proposing laws that would simply force companies to appoint black people to their board of directors, merit be damned. I believe that black people are capable of attaining board positions without politicians forcing companies to choose them. I also believe that in a free market, businesses ought to be free to operate without being controlled by politicians. 


Speaking of politics, Democrats claim that black people are incapable of  obtaining driver’s licenses or ID cards. Democrats use this racist lie to fight against voter ID laws, weakening the integrity of our elections. Democrats claim that by making voters have IDs, they are preventing tons of black voters from participating in elections, because many black people don’t have IDs. In reality, black people are no less intelligent or resourceful than anyone else and can easily obtain IDs. 

I’ve never met a single black person in my life who could not obtain an ID card. But don’t take my word for it: The official Democratic Party platform states that “we will continue to fight against discriminatory voter identification laws, which disproportionately burden young voters, diverse communities, people of color, low-income families, people with disabilities, the elderly, and women.”  A reporter went to the streets of one of the poorest black neighborhoods and asked black people of all ages and backgrounds whether they had IDs and how difficult they found it to obtain the ID cards or licenses. Watch the video of the candid interviews below. 

In addition to claiming that black people and other minorities are too incompetent to obtain IDs or licenses, Democrats believe that black people are incapable of navigating voting ballots themselves. Some ballots do have a few sections (voting for President, a Senator, a US Representative, a Governor, etc.) and black people are just too dumb to understand how to select one of each, according to Democrats. So, ballots must have an option that allows them to check one box on the whole ballot. By checking this one box, their votes for all Democrats on the ballot would automatically be cast. Currently, Democrats all over the US are working to allow straight ticket voting and to stop legislation that bans the practice, consistently arguing that black people are too stupid to check more than one box on a ballot.

College admission

Democrats have long insisted on granting black people and some other minorities the advantage in college admissions, using the power of the government. This came at the cost of making it harder for other minority groups to get into colleges, though. Instead of allowing black people to compete with their white and Asian peers when they apply to college, Democrats claimed that blacks are so stupid and incapable that they must be protected from competing with their classmates. Thus, the party of racism created ‘affirmative action’ in order to tip the scales in favor of black and hispanic students and away from Asian students. Now, Asian students must work much harder than white students to get into the same school. And black students don’t need to work nearly as hard as their white classmates to get into the same school. By giving them academic training wheels, black students who are accepted into good colleges are forced to wonder if they were admitted on their own merits or the Democrat-created ‘Affirmative Action’. Encouraging black students to attend colleges that they are not academically qualified for also sets them up for failure. This is an insult and is extremely unfair to black Americans who just want to be treated like normal Americans. 

Internet access

Democrats claim that Black and Hispanic people are so stupid and incapable that they can’t figure out how to obtain a computer or smart phone and they can’t access the internet. Of course, all thinking people know that this is a ridiculous assertion. Yet, Democratic hero, NY mayor Bill Deblasio partnered with Obama’s HUD Secretary, Julian Castro to give $2 million of free tablets and internet to blacks and hispanics in the Bronx in December of 2016. “Nearly 26 percent of households in the Bronx have no internet at home and no mobile internet plan”, claimed the NYC government. This ridiculous, racist claim is highly unlikely, but it does imply that the Hispanic & black people who comprise the Bronx are poor losers who can’t figure out how to access the internet. In all of my experiences entering the homes of the poorest people in the Bronx, every single one had between one and five devices attached to the same high-speed internet as my smart phone. All of my friends who lived and worked in the Bronx have told me the same. I have not met a single person in the Bronx who did not have high-speed internet in their pocket (except for perhaps a few homeless people I’ve treated on the street). 

Where the courts stand

Interestingly, Democrats have gotten courts to rule in their favor. In 1971, the Supreme Court ruled in Griggs V. Duke that since black people score lower on intelligence tests and find it harder to get diplomas, it is a crime for employers to use such metrics in hiring decisions. The Democrat court officially agreed with the progressive claim that black people are stupid and incapable and should be pitied and given free handouts. 

If you are a black  person, do you have internet access? Do you find that you are not intelligent enough to get online? Are you able to figure out how to obtain a driver’s license? Do you think that you’d be able to get an education and a decent job without help from politicians? If you are not black, do you think that your black friends are stupid and incapable of getting through life without politicians redistributing wealth to them and forcing others to hire them? Think of these questions next time you hear Democrats boasting about how much they ‘help’ minorities by babying them and giving them handouts at the expense of their peers.