On January 10th of 2019, the senior Senator from Texas, John Cornyn gave Americans a great lesson in politics.

The 30+ year Senator announced on his website that he was sponsoring the ‘Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill’. Since the announcement, gun owners throughout the US have been celebrating. Why wouldn’t they?

Just a few months earlier, John Cornyn had two bills before him in the US Senate. When the House combined the concealed carry reciprocity bill (pro-gun) with Fix NICS (anti-gun), do you know what Senator Cornyn (R-Texas) said?

“When you put them together, it makes it harder for us to do what we can do and can do now. I want to separate those two out, get the Fix NICS bill passed, and hopefully save some lives.”

Cornyn had a pro-gun bill and an anti-gun bill in front of him, and he chose to support the bad one. Why do Republican gun owners still support him?

In February of 2018, Cornyn’s website announced that he and his friends Feinstein and Schumer, along with some other anti-freedom Senators were co-sponsoring the Fix NICS bill in the Senate. The bill did not pass.

In this gem of a video, Cornyn expresses his disdain for freedom, civilian ownership of firearms, bump stocks, and he mentions that ‘crazy people‘ should have even less access to firearms than other civilians. Cornyn seems to say in the video that although background checks are dysfunctional, we should expand them so that they can be even more dysfunctional. He mentions that the NRA and police associations support this anti-gun bill. To those who pay attention, this is no surprise.

The ‘Fix NICS’ bill also strips veterans of their rights to own firearms once they ask anyone for help managing finances, as Congressman Massie explains.

Now, Cornyn is sponsoring a bill – the very bill that he neglected a few months ago when he pursued an anti-gun bill instead – that has zero chance of passing a 90% anti-gun congress, but a bill that makes him look great. This is typical politics. When people refer to the ‘swamp’, Cornyn is the person that they are referring to, and this is the behavior that they are condemning.

I found this announcement to be disingenuous, to say the least. Also, this bill cannot pass an authoritarian Senate, let alone a Democratic House. And Cornyn doesn’t want it to pass. He does not want Americans’ rights to expand. If he thought that this bill had a prayer of passing, he would not be supporting it.