After nearly one year, federal court officials have seemingly loosened the bail restrictions for Rich Paul (AKA Nobody) and Ian Freeman, allowing the longtime friends and partners in liberty to speak to one another. 

After the federal raid and arrests in March of 2021, the two were held in jail for weeks. After a few months, Ian was released with strict bail restrictions. A few weeks later, Nobody was released, and his pre-trial restrictions were even more severe than Ian’s. In addition to being forbidden from possessing firearms, drugs, cryptocurrencies, or traveling, the two were forbidden from speaking to each other or their other friends who were involved in the case. 

The pair attended the pro-independence rally and hearing in January, but they had to drive from Keene in separate vehicles, and they had to actively ignore one another while spending the whole day at the capitol in the same venue. Both activists were among the dozens of Granite Staters who testified in favor of CACR32. 

The federal government is charging the ‘crypto six’ with multiple crimes, all of which involve the use of crypto-currency, and none of which involve any actual victim. If convicted, they face decades in prison. 

The longtime Free Talk Live hosts made the announcement during the opening of their radio show on Friday night. The introduction to the show featured an extended quote by Bonnie, a co-host who has been digging up quotes by Nobody and reciting them on the program to keep his voice somewhat involved in the show. 

Nobody is a liberty activist who has worked on drug decriminalization and jury nullification in New Hampshire for years. He is known for being extremely funny and possibly too passionate about liberty, at times. 

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Anon · February 7, 2022 at 3:40 am

Alu, please write about the communists in Albany. World fellowship center. The united nations was going to be located in Albany, nh! They are so dangerous the supreme court put them in jail in the 50s. They are running communist camps right now in 2022. They own a thousand acres of land. The camp is hidden off route 16. Please tell everyone what is going on.

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