In January of 2019, The Liberty Block reported on a national emergency, which is becoming more of a crisis each day. Dozens of politicians and influential figures have warned that this epidemic is destroying the united states, and many offered some solutions to solving what is quickly becoming one of the most difficult issues of our time: Toxic masculinity.

Once corona-fascism begins to wane and morph into the next crisis-du-jour, those who believe in liberty should be prepared for the inevitable tactics and policies that could be implemented by DC politicians. 

I have discussed some candidates for the next ‘crisis’ that the authoritarian communists in DC may use to justify their next massive power grab, including firearms deaths, racism, and global warming. Another potential candidate is manhood because it represents the strength and confidence to fight back against tyranny itself. Of course, tyrants would love to feminize the male citizens who present the greatest threat to their power. Now that a large portion of Americans has accepted the DC politicians’ power to force people to get injections of ‘important’ substances, the progressives in charge can likely implement a once-radical policy: mandatory estrogen injections for men. 

In general endocrinology, estrogen has the opposite effects of testosterone. The hormone is naturally very high in women and very low in men. Higher than normal estrogen levels could cause men to have lower libido, infertility, weaker muscles and bones, lethargy, and depression. All of these effects play perfectly into a tyrant’s desire to de-masculinize men who could potentially threaten their power in any way. 

It seems more plausible with each passing day that the radical left – which will control DC from here on out – will propagandize every single violent crime perpetrated by men in order to achieve this Orwellian agenda. Once DC politicians and their media friends begin to fill the majority of their programming with stories about rape, murder, and how men are evil, we should be on high alert that this policy is incoming. 

Can you imagine this being a real headline in a year? I can.

Of course, politicians are smart. They would likely begin the estrogen injections as ‘voluntary’, ‘only for convicted violent felons’, and ‘temporary’. As time passes and distractions mount, they could pass a bill or a minor ‘rule change’ to expand their estrogen program. Within a year, they could easily turn the majority of pro-liberty men in the united states from threats to feminine subjects who are unlikely to rebel against tyranny. 

Just imagine how little opposition there would be if Biden quietly (or loudly) directed the DOJ to administer temporary experimental estrogen injections to a few murderers and rapists in federal prison. The program would be voluntary and the prisoners would receive a 10% reduction in their prison sentence for accepting the injection and being part of the study. The policy would likely be popular, especially considering that violent criminals appear to have testosterone levels much higher than average men, which could be the primary cause for their violence.

Other tools that our lords could use to implement the policy could be using Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to coerce or encourage men who are ‘at risk of toxic masculine behavioral outbursts’ to get the shots. The government could make it free (read: fully funded by taxpayers), it could refuse medical insurance coverage to men who refuse the shots, etc. 

If you believe that this is totally impossible and is a ‘crazy conspiracy’, read our many articles that went from conspiracy to reality in around a year, including mandatory speed limiters, self-defense being illegal, gun control being pushed as an ‘emergency measure’, all of corona-fascism, election fraud, global warming being called an emergency, the Wuhan lab leak, and much more. Mandatory estrogen injections could be our ‘new normal’ within a matter of months. The best way to avoid that future? Cut all ties with DC as soon as possible.