Where can you go on a Friday night to hear psychiatrists talk about bullet velocity, Florida teens recite demented poems (and talk about shooting vaginas), intense and awkward race-baiting, and elected officials being booed for recommending that retired cops be allowed to protect students? A ‘student-organized’ town hall meeting in Exeter, NH, of course!

On April 13th, a town hall meeting was convened in Exeter, supposedly organized by the local high (and middle) school students who (have been thoroughly brainwashed by their teachers and) are horribly afraid that the Florida high school shooting was a clear sign that they would be killed in a school shooting any day now. Unfortunately, it seems like these students are not taught much about current events, statistics, or critical thinking. They could have learned in current events that New Hampshire generally has less firearm violence, less violent crime, and fewer homicides than any other state in the US. They could have learned in statistics that our state has had zero recorded school shootings in its history. Had they been taught critical thinking skills, they might have realized the direct correlation between our state’s incredibly low violent crime and our state’s incredibly loose firearm laws (which are also the loosest in the US).

We can’t really address school shootings in NH, because there have seemingly been zero such occurrences in the state’s history. So, let’s compare total homicides in NH to other states and cities with the type of strict firearm laws that these brainwashed students support: Chicago had 39 homicides in April. They seem to have 600–800 per year in the city despite extremely strict gun laws. In gun-controlled Chicago, 732 people have already been shot in 2018. NYC has the strictest gun laws in the entire US. This has resulted in 207 people being shot so far in 2018. In comparison, New Hampshire sees around 15-20 homicides per year statewide, many of which are perpetrated by police. Keep in mind that there are millions of firearms in the hands of the NH citizenry. Why would the school boards brainwash their students to worry so much about ‘gun violence’ when cancer and heart disease each kill over 100x the amount of NH residents each year? Why are they not reading heartbreaking poems about the damage that opioid abuse is doing throughout the state, which accounts for 25x more deaths than homicides do in New Hampshire?

As implied earlier, the town hall meeting was actually a facade for an anti-gun rally conducted by radical leftist Representatives and teachers and their most thoroughly brainwashed student-activists. The panel was comprised of 15 members, 13 of which were radical leftist activists of some sort. Two panelists were Republican Representatives from the area who seemed to naively accept the invite to what they thought was going to be an actual discussion on school safety. You will be introduced to the panel in the video and they will be mentioned in the article.

Kileidria was one of the high school students on the panel. She opened by saying that she is not there to tell anyone how to vote or to conduct any political business. She said that she has never experienced gun violence, “…and I want to tell you why I care.” She then proceeded to read what seemed to be spoken-word poetry exploring the gruesome, dreadful final moments that a student might experience after being shot in the chest during a school shooting (though not a single school shooting has occurred in NH in recorded history). “Shots to your chest….you can feel your heart beating even slower as the seconds go by…you feel the bullets as they fly past the fine hairs on your head…your hands are cold, you are cold and alone and afraid….I don’t know if I am next…” I’m honestly not sure when the poem ended and when…ummm, the next thing began, but before I knew it, my ears were subjected to this horror: “I’ve heard stories of women’s vaginas being fired into with bullets, rendering them unable to have a child…”

I was flabbergasted. I see and hear psychotic acts on a regular basis, but this remark was pretty wild. “…and it burns when they pee…” I heard her continuing.

This troubled teen’s remarks clearly reek of brainwashing. This girl has been so thoroughly poisoned to hate firearms and to fear an event that has never happened in her state that she felt compelled to write a horribly descriptive poem about her fears. Her words are a great reminder that the primary purpose of (government-controlled curriculum and) government schools is to brainwash our children against capitalism, freedom, firearms, and any other form of independence. To add to the horrible manner in which this teen sought to strip innocent people of their natural right to self defense, she later seemed to mention that she lived in Florida and was only in New Hampshire for school. Since when did leftists support people from out of state trying to influence our politics?

One of the students asked whether anyone on the panel would like to address why NH does not prohibit firearms on school property. A Democrat Representative on the panel who was sporting a ‘Moms Demand Action’ shirt answered and spoke about various legislative efforts to ban firearms on school grounds and then NH State Senator Fuller-Clark jumped into the discussion. The Democrat State Senator mentioned her strong support for allowing school districts to ban guns on their property and went on to say that “….people already have assault weapons so we need to ban the magazines so they no longer can purchase the bullets to be able to use those guns.” Fuller-Clark went on to embarrass herself by condemning firearm manufacturers for not including locks along with the new firearms that they sold. Quite the opposite is true, though. It seems that every single firearm sold in the US is shipped with a lock and two keys along with a safety/instruction manual and the firearm, all in the same box.

She boasted about distributing 200 gun locks to residents in her congressional district when she was running for US House. She wished for a law mandating that firearm companies include locks with all guns. She specifically condemned the two companies with NH facilities (Ruger &Sig) for not including locks with their firearms, despite both companies including locks with every single one of their firearms, to my knowledge.

Later, a young student panelist read a question off of a paper that asked the panel about their thoughts regarding allowing teachers to be armed. The student feared that it might militarize the schools. A panelist who identified himself as a teacher jumped in to answer her question. He mentioned that he doesn’t support arming teachers because although an armed teacher might stop a school shooter after he’s shot 7 students instead of him shooting 14 students if not for being stopped by the responsibly armed teacher, “Is that the society and world that we that we are going to decide that we’re okay with?” Mr. Magliozzi inadvertently invalidated the concept of ‘magazine restrictions’ when he asked that question.

The panel also discussed mental health as it related to violence. Representative Abrami, a Republican from the Exeter area mentioned that “I think that red flag laws are a great idea”. He also said that mental health should be a large focus on the prevention of violence and he supported allowing former police officers to serve as volunteer security guards for schools that they chose to protect.

In response to the (moderate) Republican’s lukewarm support for civil liberties and due process, a nasty student, identified only as ‘Jordan’ quickly grabbed a microphone and disagreed that mental health and red flag laws are appropriate solutions. “The immediate solution”, Jordan concluded, “is to ban firearms, especially assault weapons”. Before the sentence was even completed, the crowd erupted in applause and cheers, demonstrating that they, too have been poisoned with an unreasonable fear and hatred for firearms. Jordan is apparently a co-founder of his school’s ‘Blue Hawks for Gun Control’ club. The other co-founder of the club sat next to him on the panel.

Leftists think that this sign makes them safer

Abrami responded that banning assault weapons would not stop a person from using handguns (some of which hold 18 rounds with standard magazines) to commit school shootings. The brainwashed crowd began to boo Representative Abrami for not totally agreeing with their own self-conflicting gun control ideas.

Executive Councilor Chris Pappas, a Democrat joined in: “…arming teachers is the most ridiculous idea that I’ve ever heard of…” As if on cue, the puppets began to applaud the gun control propaganda spewed by the panelist. “There is no need for assault rifles to be in the hands of anybody other than military and police, added Dr. Korn. Once again, the opposite is true. The founding fathers would contend that the very purpose of civilian ownership of assault weapons is to protect society from military and police.

Rep. Abrami was booed again when he remarked that making schools into ‘gun-free zones’ would make them into soft targets, which would attract those who wish to harm others.

Rep. Ellen Read, another radical leftist on the panel mentioned that those who own ‘assault weapons’ don’t own them for the purpose of hunting. They use them for sport-shooting and for fun, which she described as a ‘weird hobby’. “Why are we prioritizing a weird hobby over protecting our citizens?”, asked the Democrat Representative, which was received with loud applause by the crowd of brainwashed students.

Rep. Abrami applauded Jordan the student after he boasted that he is leading the effort on campus and in the community to improve mental health care, and added that perhaps the community should consider the effect that violent video games may have on youth violence. Immediately, Jordan shot back at the Representative, claiming that the link between video games and violence has been disproven by studies. Actually, Jordan is wrong. At least according to this, this, this, this, and this study, as well as others. Dr. Korn agreed with Jordan and Democrat Representative Read that video games have nothing to do with violence and that the answer is taking guns away from the citizenry.

As the final questions were being read by the moderator and the structure began to give way to a relatively open discussion, Kileidria took the microphone once again, even more determined than before to turn the gun-control agenda into an awkwardly disturbing discussion that flirted with actual insanity. “…if we’re going to talk about gun violence…” she began, “…then we need to acknowledge that this issue is inter-sectional. A bullet can go through anyone, no matter what color you are. And I think that issue has NOT been brought up in this conversation, and it should be.”, complained the dark-skinned teen from Florida. “I and Miss Marshall are the only women of color here in this panel and that says something….it says that there is a lot of white privilege here…as far as I’m concerned the Black Lives Matter Movement was about gun reform (Actually, the BLM movement was about weakening law enforcement and making them more accountable, whereas this naive student is advocating for the empowering of police by making it so that they are the only ones with guns)…and I did not see a lot of white allies……[my school] did not support the Black Lives Matter Movement….we did not go to a [BLM] march, but we did, in fact, go to the [anti-gun] March For Our Lives.”

After Rep. Abrami asked whether he was guilty of possessing ‘white privilege’ and mentioned that he was raised by Italian immigrants and that he worked hard for everything he has, the panel loudly condemned him once again. Dr. Korn told him that white people just can’t understand what black and Latino people go through; white people have not witnessed such discrimination in the US, claimed the radical leftist psychiatrist. The final few minutes of the hour and a half long event essentially focused on bashing whites and males. It was highly pathetic and extremely hateful. I don’t take the terms ‘toxic masculinity’ and ‘white privilege’ very seriously.

Throughout the event, the two (moderate) Republican Representatives were bullied by the crowd, presumably comprised of students who had been brainwashed by radical leftists since toddlerhood. (If you don’t want your children to follow in the footsteps of Hogg and Gonzalez, do not allow them to step foot into a government school) This town hall was further evidence which demonstrated that the radical left has plenty of determination, structure, and funding, and that they will not be stopped by morality, logic, or lack of support from the common Granite Stater; they are going to take our firearms away, regardless of how they have to do it.

Let’s hope that gun owners turn out to vote in November.

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