The Liberty Block had developed a new way to hold cops accountable. But we need your help!

It is no secret that law enforcement officers throughout the united states are almost never held accountable for their heinous transgressions, even when they commit felonies. As I explained in my 2022 book ‘Presumed Guilty’, police officers have been granted increasingly powerful protections from both civil and criminal liability for their crimes, largely by the federal government. 

Throughout my hundreds of videos, hundreds of articles, and nine books, I’ve described countless horrific crimes committed by cops, from child rape to disgusting torture and the ruining of many lives. These cops rarely ever spend any time behind bars. It seems that many of them actually receive a paid vacation while the incident is ‘investigated’ by their coworkers or other friends. They are often sent on their way with great retirement packages (funded by you and me, of course). They also often continue to work in the same department or a nearby one. It seems that accountability is impossible. 

Enter: Crowd-sourcing and technology

A few years ago, I became so frustrated by the number of cops who get away with terrible crimes against humanity with impunity that I created a spreadsheet to document the names and actions of the cops. I only entered a few lines of data before life distracted me and kept me busy with various other projects. I realized that if the entire pro-liberty network worked collaboratively, we could get the 1,000 worst cops onto the spreadsheet in no time. So, I am asking everyone who supports police accountability to contribute to the movement to hold cops accountable by making their names and crimes totally public. From time to time, we will highlight one or more especially heinous actions, blasting the cops publicly online. (Maybe we’ll even bring back the ‘statist of the month’ award!) 

What inspired me to write this article was a case I heard about on Free Talk Live the other night. A husband and wife both happened to be senior officers at the Daytona PD in Florida. Naturally, they were exemplary parents. So, when their 3 year old son failed to learn how to use the toilet quickly enough, they put him in jail. The cops proudly told the media that the brilliant tactic worked well, just like it did with their older child! 

It is my hope that public shaming can motivate people in each community to pressure police departments to fire the bad cops, governments to punish them, and people to shun them. 

The spreadsheet is very intuitive. It currently includes a column for the name of the cop, the crime/action they committed, the year, the department/location, a link to a news story/video of the incident, and the charges, punishment, and result of the incident. Of course, these columns are subject to change over time. When multiple cops are implicated in the same incident, I group the rows together by using the same color for them. Plenty of areas are currently missing and need to be filled in. I hope that the power of crowd-sourcing can help us fill in every space and add many more rows. 

For now, I will allow people with the publicly available link to comment on the sheet with their contributions. Please contact me directly if you would like full access to edit the sheet.

I am open to any and all ideas. Thank you!