At their December 9th meeting, the Hooksett, NH town council voted to implement a mask mandate in all ‘public buildings’ (which seems to include all town-owned buildings) in the town. The moderately large town becomes the 19th municipality in New Hampshire to pass a mask mandate. As we explained in many other articles and videos, this law violates Dillon’s rule (a state law). This law, which was essentially proposed by town administrator, Andre Garron,  also violates the natural rights and freedoms of individuals to live free from government intrusion. The mandate also is a gross overreaction to the coronavirus, akin to blowing up an ant with an atomic bomb. 

Of course, the town council could have made a recommendation that the people of Hooksett wear masks. Instead, they chose to make it a crime to not wear a mask. This presumably means that they will deploy men with guns (the Hooksett Police) to punish people who violate their tyrannical mandate. 

The notice on the town website does not include a punishment for violating the authoritarian mask mandate, which goes into effect on December 16th. 

The fascist councilors seemed to believe that the governor’s illegal emergency orders gave them cover for this mask mandate. Of course, Sununu’s whole state of emergency is unprecedented, inappropriate, and is not supported by the state legislature. Again, Dillon’s Rule states that towns cannot make laws unless the state legislature empowers them to make such a law. 

The Hooksett town council passes a mask mandate

The council has not yet posted their minutes online, but the meeting video seems to show that the motion passed unanimously, with Randall Lapierre, Timothy Tsantoulis, Alex Walczyk, Cliff Jones, David Boutin, Clark Karolian, and James Sullivan voting in favor of the authoritarian mandate. David Boutin, the former state senator and weak Republican could be seen throughout the video wearing no mask over his face. 

Andre Garron, the town administrator, told the council that he would like them to pass the mandate because 121 individuals in Hooksett have tested positive for COVID. This represents 0.86% of the town’s population. Considering that the tests for COVID are far more sensitive and therefore result in massive amounts of false positives, and considering that this virus has been here for a full year, this is hardly cause for solving the problem by violating personal liberties. 

The anti-liberty council’s mandate is stricter than Governor Sununu’s mask mandate, which only applies to those who cannot maintain at least six feet of distance to others. The Hooksett law requires masks regardless of how far individuals may be from others. 

If you live in Hooksett, find out which district you live in, and then contact your councilor and let him know how you feel about the government mandating what you do with your body.