For most of our lives, we’ve been primed for 2020 with the arrival of the “most deadly pandemic” known to mankind. From zombie apocalypse shows to outbreak-themed movies, and from our education system to the events of September 11th, it’s all been conditioning us for this. 

We were trained how to behave upon the arrival of a “pandemic”, so when the authorities revoked our rights, we were already familiar and even comfortable with the concept of blindly obeying our masters. 

Our God-given human instincts have been hypnotized and medicated out of us, all for this moment. The dystopian control continues today with widespread coerced administration of mRNA therapeutics. 

I think back to the #metoo movement, which was presented as incidents of men mistreating women, especially in the workplace. Naturally, this movement gained lots of sympathy and attention, but not many people picked up on the underlying messaging of the campaign. 

The main goal of #metoo was to convey a message to the public that acting immorally to keep a job or to make money is sometimes justified. 

Yes, it’s wrong for men to mistreat women (and vice versa), but in each of these cases, we ignored the behavior of the women and placed the focus solely on the men in positions of authority. 

We formulated our opinions based on the assumption that these women did not have the free will to act morally and to walk away from these questionable situations. We agreed that there was no option to leave the money or to leave the job, or for the ladies to maintain their dignity. 

No, it was absolutely mandatory for these women to submit themselves to authority and perform sex acts as if the decision was simply out of their control. 

This is how we think of “mandatory vaccination” today. People say they’re forced, that there’s no other option, that it’s inevitable, that they have to for their job, etc., but none of this is true. Nothing is mandatory. It’s all a choice. These may be difficult choices, but we have a duty to stand up no matter what the consequences are. This is God’s expectation of us.  

The story always goes that we are too powerless to take a stand against authority, that we have no free will to make correct decisions, and that we should appeal to power rather than our own conscience. 

These are not the lessons I’d want to teach my daughter (or son for that matter), but the world demands docile, godless, economic flesh units to keep their filthy system running. 

This is not to minimize the pain these women felt or the wrongdoing of the men. Of course, violent sexual assault is among the most horrific sins and is a serious crime. My point is that seemingly innocent marketing campaigns are used to break down our moral standards and to make us comfortable with accepting immoral behavior.

These campaigns aren’t going to stop and more minds will continue to be lost with the popularization of mRNA pharmaceuticals. It’s up to us, the sane and sober, to appeal to Heaven, to create our own movements, and to inspire true courage in our youth. 

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