Over the past few months, one of the most influential conservatives in the united states seems to have been growing more radical. Dan Bongino has become so frustrated with the current political system that he has begun to advocate for many once-radical proposals on his podcast. Over the past few weeks, he has expanded his platform to include radio and TV. His podcast is the #1 conservative podcast and the #4 overall, his brand new TV show on Fox is very popular, and his radio station is now being syndicated on stations all over the united states. 

Bongino began to make a name for himself years ago when he left the secret service, where he worked on presidential details and on other federal security missions. As the Republican nominee for US Senate from Maryland, he lost the 2012 election to the Democrat. In 2014, Bongino lost the Congressional election in Maryland’s 6th district. In 2016, Bongino lost in a congressional primary in Florida’s 18th congressional district.

His podcast has been steadily growing for years and he has published a few books about federal corruption – which included his first-hand accounts of the disgusting insanity and tyranny that goes on in DC. Bongino has been one of the tougher pundits on the Russia collusion hoax and other anti-Trump conspiracies. Considering that he seems to play the role of a simple blue-collar jock and former cop, Bongino is quite intelligent, principled, and very funny. He also has very good intel, possibly because he spent years in DC working in classified environments. These may be some of the reasons that so many patriots – myself included – love his show. 


A few years ago, Bongino gave up on saving Maryland from falling into authoritarian Marxism and he moved to Florida. This brings us to the first important point. It seems that after years of trying earnestly to change the system and fix Maryland, New York, and the whole ‘America’, Bongino is coming around to what the Liberty Block and I have been screaming for years; The united states cannot be saved, and we MUST focus on saving the few semi-free States. During every podcast it seems, Bongino urges his listeners to give up on the far-gone States like New Jersey and California and to move to the good States if possible. He moved to Florida, which is one of the least oppressive States, and he has experienced this first hand. Likewise, I moved from NYC to New Hampshire and never looked back. Further, the conservative superstar has advocated for ‘separating’ from radical leftists by building our own societies, complete with all major institutions like social media and businesses. Again, I have been saying this for years. Bongino also seems to support nullification of at least some federal laws. He’s only a small step away from advocating for secession of Florida from the union and it seems that his doing so is now inevitable. Biden will surely continue to push conservatives until they have no option but to leave the union.  


After years of supporting the US Constitution, Bongino seems to be giving up on it, much like the members of The Liberty Block did over the past few years. During a recent show, Dan said “The constitution is dead… I’m laughing at you if you think it’s not.” What he seemed to be saying was that the Constitution is no longer relevant because the politicians and their enforcers have demonstrated time and again that they refuse to be restricted by the Constitution. Of course, the founding document clearly prohibits any gun laws, any restrictions on free speech, expression, or assembly, and much more. Yet, politicians consistently infringe on those natural rights that the Constitution promised to protect. The fact is that the Constitution cannot enforce itself, and it unfortunately does not even include any punishments for politicians who willfully violate it. When we citizens violate laws, we are punished. When politicians violate the Constitution – the ultimate law – they are never punished. So, the Constitution is no longer a strong argument because it’s been proven to be irrelevant. Further, conservatives (including stars like Bongino, Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, Rush, Hannity, etc.) all revere judges and believe that they have the heavenly power to determine how the Constitution ought to be interpreted. So, the actual words of the Constitution do not matter at all. For instance, when a few judges ruled that ‘shall not be infringed’ meant ‘could be infringed’, they proved that the words of the actual Constitution were 100% irrelevant. 


Although he is a former local cop and federal agent, Bongino seems to be slowly coming around to the idea that law enforcement may not be filled with 100% benevolent saints. He has condemned cops for selectively enforcing laws against conservatives for corona-fascism crimes while giving a pass to members of Burn Loot Murder (BLM) and other racists. For the past few days, he has openly called for the dismantling of the FBI because they have proven themselves to be corrupt political partisans and not neutral agents of justice. However, Bongino has called for a new federal agency that would act like ‘internal affairs’ for police departments. Of course, he fails to realize that its replacement agency would likely be just as corrupt, because it would still be a federal law enforcement agency, just with a new name. 

My advice

I love that Bongino seems to be relatively open-minded for someone of his stature. He seems somewhat able to admit when he’s wrong and does evolve on some issues. However, I do have some advice on things that I hope he can realize before it’s too late. 

Taxation: Dan, taxation is extortion. Plain and simple. Please ditch the ‘Laffer Curve’ perspective of maximizing government revenue while also mitigating the harm to economic freedom and production. When I was still a conservative, I believed in such an ideology; that taxes should be low. Now that I am a voluntaryist, I don’t believe that we should have low taxes. I believe that we should have no taxes at all. First, it is theft, and theft is wrong. Always. Second, it funds the most demented, evil, vicious, and incompetent sociopaths in the world (politicians). Billions of dollars collected in taxes are sent  to groups that are even worse than politicians, including ISIS, Hamas, Iran, and many others. Third, taxation is literally not necessary, even if a robust government is to be funded. I’ve written articles about other ways of funding the government and I have a book on that subject in the publishing process, as well. 

Secession: You are getting closer every day to supporting total secession. Please continue to think about why we would want to remain in a union run by Biden and Pelosi and dominated by citizens who believe that everything we stand for is wrong. So many Americans believe that whites, men, and capitalists are evil because of who they are. Knowing that, would you rather be an American or a Floridian? As Daniel Miller, the president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, often asks crowds, “if you were an independent State at this point in time, would you join the Union?”. Please read my articles about secession. All of my books explain why secession is the only solution, as well. Again on August 12th, Bongino endorsed secession, saying that “it is way past time for a national divorce”.

Police: Considering that you were a cop, I commend you for remaining so open-minded about the role of law enforcement in an ideal society. Consider that the job of cops in 2021 is largely to violate our natural rights (masks, peaceful assembly, free speech, self-defense, self-ownership, etc.) and to collect revenue for politicians. Keeping society safe is no longer necessarily their primary objective. We could do much better. If cops returned to being ‘peace officers’ who focused primarily on preventing or stopping actual crimes (violence and theft) and also practiced de-escalation instead of escalation, we would be worlds better than we are. 

Courts: I am not sure that Bongino understands how much of a lost cause the courts are. I do believe that courts are 100% gone and no longer a reasonable avenue for pursuing liberty. It seems that in nearly every case, judges rule in favor of the government (their employer) and against the citizens. Further, whenever a good law or policy is enacted, one judge immediately ‘blocks’ that policy from going into effect, even if it means totally nullifying the entire Congress, the president, or any other institution. I cannot understand why so many otherwise intelligent conservatives and libertarians insist that we ‘keep calm and sue’ as a means of taking back freedom from the very government that owns the courts. 

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