For the past two decades, the progressive left wing of the united states and the world has been insisting that the globe is warming catastrophically quickly due to human behavior. There is a myriad of hard sources, facts, and figures that disprove this ridiculous claim. Additionally, The Liberty Block published an article in 2021 proving that even the most hardcore progressive elites do not believe the Earth is warming. 

Additionally, the simple facts have made it very clear that the world is not getting warmer. In fact, there is evidence that it’s growing colder. And all humans with functioning nervous systems can surely feel this bitter cold. As I write this article while freezing in Concord, New Hampshire, the temperature is 7 degrees below zero with a forecast of 15 below zero later in the night, according to I turned a space heater on high and went to sleep in a small room. When I woke up in the morning long after sunrise, I was sure that it would be warmer. I was wrong. It was bright outside, but the thermometers read -14, close to an all-time record. According to, the average February in NH has a low of 14 degrees. It’s 3 days into the month, and it’s 21 degrees colder than that. The trends in other areas throughout the world tell similar stories. 

Whenever I mention to global warming alarmists that I still freeze my ass off every winter, they condescendingly admonish me for being a foolish troglodyte who can’t distinguish between ‘weather’ and ‘climate’. “Weather is the temperature in a specific place. Climate involves global average temperatures. You may be cold right now, but the rest of the world is hot! And the world is getting hotter!”, they yell. 

According to, New Hampshire is already having a much colder winter than average. In every metric. By a long shot. Our ultra-progressive neighbor to the south, Massachusetts is also a bit chilly at the moment. Very left-wing publications like MSN, NBC, and USA Today published articles in the past few hours warning that ‘record cold’ across the state is likely to kill those who are not extremely careful. Further south, ultra-leftist NYC is so cold today that its government has called a ‘code blue’ (a term I never heard before, even living in NYC for 10 years) and is opening up warming centers to minimize the number of inevitable deaths during the coming weekend. 

What about the rest of the union and the world?

Few have forgotten that in 2021, between 200 and 700 people froze to death in Texas when it plunged to just two degrees, the second coldest temperature ever recorded in the state’s recorded history. 

“Okay, Alu, New Hampshire & Texas are not getting warmer and may actually be getting colder. But Asia and Europe and Africa are still hot and getting hotter!”

Let’s go to Europe. Reuters/MSN reported today that the continent is experiencing ‘colder-than-normal temperatures’. The Independent is also reporting on record cold in Europe. Over the past decade, are temperatures in Europe getting warmer? The statistics and the common experience do not demonstrate that to be the case. Not in Europe or the rest of the planet.

Australia is still setting records for the coldest temperatures.

The World Economic Forum – the ultimate left-wing authoritarian institution in the universe – recently published an article about record cold in Japan and record cold in Russia (81 degrees Fahrenheit below zero). The Washington Post reported days ago that China’s negative 63 degrees is the coldest temperature on record in the country’s history. 

Even CNN has admitted that Antarctica is growing colder and is now colder than ever. 

South Africa is experiencing record cold lately, too. 

But the united states are facing a particularly harsh winter, with 50 million Americans under a winter weather advisory, as reported by MSN. 

Of course, leftists have long used climate propaganda to instill fear and justify massive growth in government powers. From the global cooling propaganda in the 1970s to the global warming in the 2000s, they claimed that extreme weather in one direction spelled certain doom for humanity. But once people realized that the Earth was not cooling or warming, they reframed their entire position and packaged it as ‘climate change’. This allowed them to give their new boogeyman credit for all weather: cold, hot, rainy, dry, wind, hurricanes, etc. And that leads to headlines from leftist publications like: 

“Coldest decade of last 1,000 years revealed – and it could happen again because of climate change”

How climate change is making hurricanes more dangerous

Climate change may be fueling increase in major Northeast snowstorms

…and countless others like these.

By morphing ‘global warming’ into the all-encompassing and entirely-meaningless ‘climate change’, enviro-fascists have been able to leverage any kind of weather anywhere in the world as a tool to increase the power of government – and to minimize personal liberties. 

Numerous books have been written on the global warming hoax, including The Politically Incorrect Guide To Climate Change, The Climate Change Hoax, Red Hot Lies, and many others. I suggest everyone read those books. 

What if man-made global warming were actually occurring?

In a parallel universe in which the world were rapidly growing warmer, humanity would literally benefit.

Cold weather kills 20 times as many people as hot weather, according to an international study analyzing over 74 million deaths in 384 locations across 13 countries published in The Lancet.

So, if the world got hotter, we would be most likely to experience more heat deaths, but much fewer cold deaths. This would be considered a ‘net decrease’ in deaths related to the climate.

Furthermore, warmer climates would substantially expand farmable and inhabitable land throughout the world, potentially saving millions more lives.

Further still, diminishing the use of fossil fuels will have a very tangible negative effect on humanity. It will kill millions of people, as Alex Epstein explains in his speeches and books. If you believe that hospitals having electricity is beneficial to the preservation of life, you support fossil fuels. Nothing else can power hospitals.

It’s mid-June and I’m cold!! 60s during the day and 50s at night!!

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