It is Cold – And Getting Colder

For the past two decades, the progressive left-wing of the united states and the world has been insisting that the globe is warming catastrophically quickly due to human behavior. There is a myriad of hard sources, facts, and figures that disprove this ridiculous claim. Additionally, The Liberty Block published an article in 2021 proving that even the most hardcore progressive elites do not believe the Earth is warming. 

Do NH Politicians Wish to Control the Weather?

An extremely strange New Hampshire law was brought to my attention a few days ago. The bill seemingly gives New Hampshire politicians express permission to engage in ‘weather modification’. Having read about these ridiculous conspiracies a number of times in the past, I didn’t pay it much attention. The law has since been confirmed to exist, though. Considering how simply the bill states that the government of New Hampshire has the ‘authority’ to manipulate the weather, I figured that it’s at least worth looking into.