Just days after saying that she was excited to sign the bill, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem refused to sign common-sense legislation proposed by 34 Republican legislators. House Bill 1217 would require sports teams in the state to clearly clarify whether they were for males, females, or co-ed. The bill would prohibit individuals from playing on a team that did not match their real biological gender, even if they claimed to be of the team’s gender. Considering that men have claimed to identify as women and then broken the skulls of female competitors and destroyed female runners and blown out real females in many other competitions around the united states, why would a conservative superstar like Noem not support such a bill?

To clarify, Noem sent a ‘style and form revision’ request to the legislature, asking them to revise the bill and send it back to her so that she can sign it.

On Tucker Carlson’s show, Noem defended her decision by explaining that she was pressured by the NCAA and other leftist legal groups (likely the ACLU and others). The groups told her that if she signed the bill into law, she would certainly be taken to court and beaten and shamed from discriminating against transgenders. Noem claimed that the bill required new procedures to be done by schools, which was not actually the case. The bill did not make schools do any annual medical/statement forms that were not already their practice to do. 

To be fair, I have felt political pressure on a much smaller scale, and it could be enough to crack anyone’s principles in an instant. Leaders like Trump and Desantis, who are able to withstand a few political pressure campaigns once in a while are diamonds in the rough. 

Below is an off-the-cuff rant from one of our editors:  

I don’t get it. It’s idiocy.

1) South Dakota has – seriously – like two universities or something. That’s it. Even if the NCAA went berserk, it should BARELY effect anything.

2) If the NCAA precluded a student from competing in the entire association because they are FROM South Dakota, that sounds like the easiest discrimination lawsuit ever against the NCAA. If banning someone from college athletics based on the state they come from or live in does not constitute discrimination, than neither does any act ever committed by any human in history of this species. 

3) Who gives a damn what the NCAA says? How has a garbage association for garbage colleges in a garbage system become such a large part of policy everywhere? Remember the howling in North Carolina over bathrooms and the NCAA saying they’d stop having tournaments there? Can anyone tell me why the NCAA exists? Colleges play sports against each other – the end. The NCAA is the equivalent of an EU or a labor union – its sole purpose for existence is to create an insanely corrupt power structure with enough money to influence political policy and for the bosses to get insanely wealthy while benefiting nobody else. Hell, the NCAA makes BILLIONS, and college athletes fueling it can’t receive a goddamn free jacket because it’s “sponsorship”? Come on.

Shame on Noem, and, for the love of God, when will everyone get on board with me and burn every single aspect of the American college system to the ground? It IS cancer. It is a societal neoplasm, but it causes infinitely more damage to society than any cancer ever could. With just a handful of exceptions (not you, Ivy League schools who cancel midterms because your guy didn’t win an election, you pansies) it is the antithesis of free thought, of the true pursuit of knowledge, of everything it claims to be. 

Screw the NCAA. Prosecute the people who run it, burn the organization down, close the museum, demolish it all. It is a 100% unnecessary organization that robs young athletes of the rewards THEY have personally earned, and then they go running around wielding their wallet to create state policy?

Let this also be a call to governors (well, if there were any sane ones left, anyway) to allow economic freedom so the fate of your entire state doesn’t rest on a meaningless whiny sports organization throwing a tantrum.

This is all BS. Noem was a star, once. Now she’s starting to seem like the same trash as everyone else. I agree with y’all – she’s dead in the water and probably just killed her entire future in politics. How aggravating this all is. I guess I should be glad I don’t have to give a damn, because I no longer live in America….and at this rate I won’t return to it. I’ll just keep trying to get other passports and live nomadically until the American government finally drops the curtain and it all erupts in the first true civil war since the one headed by George Washington.

What a cesspool the modern US has become. How very, very sad.