Elliot “Alu” Axelman created LibertyBlock.com in early 2017 and has written hundreds of articles relating to human freedom over the past five years. The articles and videos have reached millions of readers and listeners. Since 2021, Alu has written and published five books: The Blueprint For Liberty, Corona-Fascism, The Progressive Solution, Articles of Secession, & Presumed Guilty. On October 11th, Alu officially published his most radical book yet. His books are available online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other stores and online retailers. The easiest way to buy this book via Amazon.

The latest book, titled ‘Taxation Is Theft’ delves into the history of taxation in the united states, the types of taxes, the hidden taxes, and how politicians spend all that tax money. The final section explains how we can easily and practically eliminate taxation using simple programs that already exist (and no, it’s not the ‘there is no law that says we need to pay taxes’ argument). 

Throughout the 12 chapters, Alu dives deep into everything about taxation, including the most common tricks politicians use to steal our wealth. The book is backed up by over 200 footnotes.

The foreword was written by Jack Lloyd, a renowned liberty activist, and the man who made the phrase ‘taxation is theft’ popular in 2016. Lloyd’s experience includes work as a juvenile criminal defense attorney, a school teacher, a music video producer, and many more endeavors. Lloyd recently published his first book, ‘The Definitive Guide to Libertarian Voluntaryism’.

The book could be purchased most easily via Amazon. It is available as a paperback, E-book, and the audio-book is coming soon. You could also buy a personalized signed copy from Alu any time you see him at an event. He accepts all forms of currency and prefers goldbacks, silver, and crypto.   

The Kindle version of the book is $0.99 (free if you have Kindle Unlimited/Prime) and the paperback version is $7.99. These prices are only for the first week after publication, after which they will increase.

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The book became the #1 new release in its category within a day of publication! 

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